New Zealand Women Amateur Radio Operators 

Objective: "To promote and encourage interest in amateur radio amongst women."

Welcome to WARO, the NZ Women Amateur Radio Operators group, which was formed in 1962 by a group of enthusiastic Women Operators (YLs) who could see a growing need for an organisation to meet their special requirements at a time when there were few women licenced and on the air. You may not be a Licenced Amateur Radio Operator, but if your interest lies in this field you are welcome to become an Associate Member of WARO, thus ensuring involvement in this absorbing hobby in your own way.
For the Licenced Radio Operator we have several regular WARO activities:

YL Nets

Frequency: 3.695MHZ + or -. Time 8pm NZ time each Monday night.
Other informal nets, from HF through to VHF, where many of the newly licenced Amateurs operate, are also held at varying times throughout the month.

WARO Contest

Known as the Thelma Souper Memorial Contest this is run over two consecutive evenings early each year. (Well-advertised.) This contest is named after the late Thelma Souper ZL2JO who envisaged a YL group and was a founder-secretary of WARO. At the NZART Conference in June, the YL winner of this contest is presented with the WARO cup which is held for a year. The winning OM also receives a trophy.

Annual General Meeting

This is held in conjunction with the NZART Conference in June each year.


Officers of the club are elected annually at the AGM.


The Annual Full Member Subscription is set at the AGM and the Financial Year is from that date. DX (Overseas members) are usually sponsored by a ZL member for an annual subscription of $5.00 as despatch of the Bulletin is the responsibility of the Sponsor. There are also different subscription rates for students, associate members and family members.

WARO Awards

Several attractive awards, for contacts on various amateur radio authorised bands, are available and eagerly sought after by OMs and the YLs alike.


A Bulletin is issued ( a minimum of 4 per year) to all members, and includes news of visiting YLs, new members, YL skeds and frequencies, DX news, get togethers, and general news from our members etc.


A section is set aside in the Official NZART bi monthly magazine 'Break In' for current items of news pertaining to WARO activities.

Official Broadcast

WARO also contributes a section to the NZART National Broadcast which is held on the last Sunday of each month.


WARO has for Sale Badges, Charms, Teaspoons, etc. with its distinctive emblem, The New Zealand Mountain Buttercup (Ranunculi's Lyallii).


As YLs we try never to miss an opportunity to meet, whether it be at other Amateur gatherings such as Car Boot Sales, Area get togethers, or even travelling together to attend YL gatherings in other countries. We try to keep in contact with other YL organizations around the world and this in turn has led to many long lasting friendships and return visits here.

Application to join NZWARO, further information on awards, get togethers etc. are available on other pages of this website.
We look forward to your contact with us.
Last updated 1 Mar 2018