The Point Is RTTY Contesting

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Amateur Radio Station
O H 2 B P  &  O H 0 B P
Operator:  Kari Hirvonen
Keltanontie 2
04300 Tusby (Helsinki)
Finland, Europe
Personal contact
Cellular  +358-50-68800

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I  believe to be one of the World Top Level RTTY Contest Operators and

* life experienced - still 59 years young
* living in marriage with my honey - Vuokko, 55 years
* born in Ylöjärvi (southern Finland)
* father of two son, Henry 26 (studying at Helsinki University of Technology) and John 24 (studying at Lappeenranta University of Technology)
* holder of a Master of Science degree in Control Automation and Electronics
* running a private electronics development enterprise (Alpha Point ltd.) in Helsinki
* living in the village of Tuusula, just outside of Capital Helsinki, in a private country side residence
* an active other mode ham radio operator (station call signs OH2BP & OH0BP, Aland islands)
* an member of OKI (Otanmäen Kiekko) junior ice hockey team
* the president of the DX Sauna Association (OH2AH)
* the Scandinavian Amateur Radio Teletyping Group's (SARTG) Ombudsman in Finland
* Vice Chairman of OHDXF foundation

The OH2BP station description  - see the drawing below


1# E Q U I P M E N T S

 Line A

 * Japan Radio Corporation JSR-245 (all HF and 6 m, full rigged with filters)
 * Japan Radio Corporation JRL-2000FH (1 kW FET)
 * A fully automated QSY for entire line in 20 ms from band to band.

Japan Radio Corporation JRL-2000FH (1 kW MosFET)

Packet cluster display (Electroluminescent, manufactured by Alpha Point Ltd.)

SO2R tuning oscilloscopes, dual channel audio data decode

 Line B

Line C
* ICOM 706GII  back-up

2# S O 2 R  SET-UP

Control logic box for RTTY contest network capable for SO2R operation (self made)

Band Pass Filter set-up by  WX0B / W3NQN

Switch over antenna select for two fast beam redirection - now under test

3#   A N T E N N A  A R R A Y

 * Tower #1 24+3 meter, aluminum, Cushcraft X9 9 element for 10/15/20M @ 24 M, also sloopers for
    the 40 m / 80 m. In addition 40m 2 el yagi Cushcraft's XM240 @ 27 M

 * Tower #2 18+3 meter , aluminum, Fritzel FB-53 10/15/20 M and a 6m 5el yagi
 * 70 cm and 2 m UHF/VHF rigs and antennas
 * Packet radio TNC's 1200 & 9600 bit/s

4# S O F T W A R E

* PC with digital mode software, mainly the WB1F RTTY for contest use and
* an DSP NoteBook audio decoder SW on parallel PC
* all PC's networked

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Thank for Qsos - hope to work you again in the Pile-Ups or other time / mode

73  Kari  OH2BP

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