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Finnish amateur radio station OH4VA (OH3NFC) is located in a small town Mikkeli in the Eastern part of Finland.

The Maidenhead locator square is KP31PP.

See OH4VA’s locations on the APRS map Handheld radio (AT878 or TH-D72E) - MMDVM Hotspot - SvxLink node - Mobile phone running APRSdroid application.


There are some own and forked repositories at Github OH4VA.

Contact information

If you like to contact me send an email to address [email protected] or place a call at +358 45 181 9551.


I am a member of Mikkelin Seudun Radioamatöörit - SRAL - ARRL.

Email groups

I follow next email lists or groups R.Net VoIP/RoIP network - Discuss DMRlink, HBlink, DVSwitch, Quantar Bridge and Mobile - FinDMR - Fin-ham - SvxLink Discussions - QUCS-OH-HAM.

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73 de Veijo OH4VA / OH3NFC