Robotic's Robotic Camera Mount, Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Specifications & Features:

Transit offers maximum control speed of 240+ degrees/second; on-the-fly speed and position changes; pan range of just under 180 degrees, (field of view is camera dependent). Tilt range varies between 120 - to nearly 180 degree range, depending on optics and camera size. There are 2 versions of Transit RCM: the Standard Version with maximum weight accommodation of 1.5 lbs (.65 kg); and the Heavy Duty Version with maximum weight accommodation of 4.5 lbs (2.0 kg). The Robotic Camera Mount works with our award-winning Webcam32 Software, and you can also get sample Java and HTML/CGI-script remote control scripts from our website
  • Remotely controllable via RS-232/422/485 terminal, computer interface, or various web interfaces

  • Up to 8 Transits can be controlled by single serial channel

  • Closed-loop servo control for fast and accurate camera positioning

  • Controls for motorized zoom, focus and iris

  • Small form factor

  • Simple ASCII command set for program control

  • Two versions - Standard Version with Maximum Rated Payload of 1.5 lbs (.65kg); Heavy Duty Version with Maximum Rated Payload of 4.5 lbs (2.0kg)

  • Maximum Speed: over 240 degrees/second

  • Acceleration/Deceleration: on-the-fly position changes

  • Pan Range: Nearly 180 degrees (field-of-view depends upon optics)

  • Tilt Range: Nearly 180 degrees (may be limited by camera size) size)

  • CGI example code for web developers posted on Product Support section of this website

Software command set(abridged):

  • Set serial port to 9600 baud, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit

  • Position Pan Motor: 'A' followed by ASCII '0' to '127' followed by <cr>

  • Position Tilt Motor: 'B' followed by ASCII '0' to '127' followed by <cr>

  • ..... example A1<cr>B1<cr> points a camera up and fully counterclockwise (relative to overhead angle) axis), while A127<cr>B127<cr> points the camera down and fully clockwise. A64<cr>B64<cr> will approximately center the unit

  • Set acceleration / deceleration: 'D' followed by ASCII 1-127. (1 is fastest). Speeds 1, 2, and 3 are recommended for normal usage, while anything higher than 3 can be used for quiet motion, or for heavier cameras.

Physical / Electrical

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7kg)
    (Shipping weight 4 lbs.)

  • Dimensions: 5.75" wide x 6.75" high x 2.06" deep

  • Camera mounting: Hole for 1/4-20 standard screw

  • Pan-tilt unit mounting: Bottom 1/4-20 mounting hole

  • Power: 5VDC input @ 3.0A - included

  • Outputs: 1 x RJ11 RS232C (for Robotic's Compass MVP), 3 x 0-5VDC @ 50ma each for zoom, focus and iris motor controls

  • (note: zoom, focus and iris motor controls may require optional wiring harness, interface circuitry and separate power)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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  Can you recommend a camera with the Robotic Camera Mount?
There isn't a camera on the marketplace that we've come across that does not work with the Robotic Camera Mount. In general, you should look at specifications for light sensitivity and horizontal resolution to match to your application, but as long as the camera can be mounted with a 1/4"-20 bolt, it should be compatible.  

With which operating systems is Robotic Camera Mount compatible?
Robotic Camera Mount has been successfully tested on Windows 95/98/NT WinXP and Linux operating systems. Given the simple nature of the serial interface and command set, Robotic Camera Mount should be compatible with any operating system.

What software comes with Robotic Camera Mount?
Robotic Camera Mount comes with award-winning, Webcam32 software. Created in 1996, Webcam32 is the most mature, robust and continually evolving webcam software on the market. To learn more about Webcam32, visit the "Webcam32" page on this site.

How far from my computer can I place Robotic Camera Mount?
We've tested distances as far as 100ft using shielded twisted pair for the serial connection and good quality shielded video cable for the camera feed.

Is Robotic Camera Mount weatherproof?
Robotic Camera Mount is not weatherproof as shipped, but we've used it very successfully outdoors with a weatherproof dome.

What temperature/humidity ranges are recommended?
Robotic Camera Mount should operate without difficulty in temperatures up to 90°F (32°C) with 0-90% humidity. In more extreme conditions, Robotic Camera Mount's limitations should match the limitations of the supporte

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