TraxVision BabyCam Wireless Video Camera Kit


Is designed to safeguard your family and home (or small bussiness) ensuring total peace of mind.
After simple installation, colour video and sound are transferred directly onto your chosen TV set or VCR providing live monitoring with no cables and no fuss!
If your PC is equipped with a video capture card, the BabyCam can also be used as a wireless webcam!

Portable and lightweight Easy to install and use Range of up to 45m Built in microphone Transmits through most walls ceilings and floors Use up to 4 cameras with 1 receiver, (additional camera TXVC10 Wireless Video Camera available separately)

Freguency Range: 2.400-2.4835GHz
Channel: 4, reseiver 1 manual or 4 auto channel
Channel Space: 18MHz
A/V Modulations Type: FM
Video In-/Output Format: NTSC/PAL
Operating Temperature: -20C - 44C (typ.)

- Camera
- A/V Receiver
- Detachable Tripod
- A/V Cable, 3.5m (3.5 jack to 2x RCA)
- 2x Power Adapters 9V 350mA
- User Manual (eng.)



Security and Access Control

The VOC-9 is a magic wireless video camera with 2.4GHz transmitter. This unit has compact design and high quality wireless video and audio output for home use. Through the 2.4GHz mini receiver, the image and sound can be connected directly to home TV set or Monitor,

This VOC-9 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Camera with high quality, low power CMOS Image Sensor gives an outstanding 150 feet range for transmission of images and microphone sounds ( 80 feet through walls and floors ). The VOC-9 have four channels available for multiple cameras by multiple receiver operation. The receiver can be connected to TV set or monitor for monitoring or entertainment purpose.


Operating frequency of ISM band 2.4 ~ 2.4835GHz on 4 channels
CMOS image sensor and low power consumption
Goes through most walls, floors and Ceilings
Range up to 150 Feet


Baby monitor
Home security
Children toy use
Student learning course
Visible doorbell

Camera Specification




Picture Elements

(Color) 510 (H) X 492 (V)

(Color) 628 (H) X 582 (V)

Number Of Pixel

Color 250K

Color 365K

Pick Up Sensor

1 / 3”CMOS Image Sensor, Color 10 LUX

1 / 3”CMOS Image Sensor, Color 10 LUX


300 TV Lines

300 TV Lines


F 3.6 / F 2.0

F 3.6 / F 2.0


9V 0.45 Watts

9V 0.45 Watts


75L x 50H x 40D mm

75L x 50H x 40D mm




Audio Output

200m Vp-p

200m Vp-p

  Technical Specifications

  Transmitter Receiver
Output Power 0 ~ 10dBm (PD) -
Receiver Sensitivity - Over – 87dBm
Frequency Range 2.400 ~ 2.4835 GHz 2.400 ~ 2.4835 GHz
Channel 4 Channels 4 Channels
Channel Space 18 MHz 18MHz
Frequency Stability + / - 250 KHz + / - 200 KHz
A / V Modulations Type FM FM
Video Format PAL Or NTSC PAL Or NTSC
Video Input Level 1Vp-p @ 75 Ohms -
Video Output Level - 1Vp-p @ 75 Ohms, S/N>38dB
Audio Input Level 1Vpp @ 600 Ohms for Mono -
Audio Output Level - 1.45Vpp @ 600 Ohms
Antenna Interface 50 Ohms SMA Jack -
Power Supply Input: 220 or 110V Input: 220 or 110V
  Output: 9V, 350mA Output: 9V, 350mA
Power Consumption 9V, 200mA 9V, 300mA

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