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JMK PCI videovalvontakortti, 4xBNC SK-2000F2

4 Channel Digital Video Card Recorder RD-8104

4 video-in composite BNC

Tuotteen kuvaus
IE and ActiveX 4 cameras
IE and ActiveX 1 cameras

PC monitor 4 cameras

PCI videovalvontakortti, 4xBNC

Hyvä ja monitoiminen kortti useimpiin valvontasovellutuksiin.
4 BNC-sisääntuloa valvontakameroiden liittämistä varten.
Ohjelmisto on helppokäyttöinen ja tukee "Motion-Detect".

EI TOIMI perinteisten webcam ohjelmien kanssa, toimii vain omien ohjelmien kanssa ja IE selain pitää olla jossa ActiveX päällä. Huom !!! netti katselu ei toimi win98 koneissa.

Surverillance PCI-card

• Full automative mode, long-time digital recording

• Combination of local and remote-end control, and remote-end multiple alarm function

• Inteligent search and replay of video materials, reliable way of storing video materials, real-time multi-picture division and alternate display, unlimited expansion through network.

• Powerful and reliable internal sctting, omni-bearing and interlocked alarm function, capable of searching and replaying video materials according user defined time period.

The system has strong intelligence, making it possible to preset recording for many days and many time periods with careful detecting prevention.

• Remote control and recording through transmission network(LAN, internet, PSTN)

• Simple and visual operation interface, ralizing 24-hour continuous operation, low cost of administration and mantence

• The system has strong expansion capabiligty and functions will be more perfect along with free up-date of application software

• Intelligent and dunamic frame monitoring compression, 30GB harddisk space enabling storage of over 15 days 16 channel visual source continous recording.

• Open and compatible system structure, completley compatible with traditional security monitoring systems, various cameras and other related security monitoring equipments.

• Efficent and reliable digital harddisk video recording, clear picture quality. Repeated storage of cideo materials, occupying little resource, reliable single-CPU system, smooth operations.

• Adjustable picture size, quality and recording speed, capable of catching pictures for print out. Random catch and storage shile replatying video materials.

• Excelellent saftey of system, code protection for system prventing unauthorized intrusion, secret format storage of video materials nearly un-editable and un-changable.

• MPEG-4 Data Compressing format @ avi-files

• 640x480 @ 25fps Display speed recource

• PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, LAN network connection

• 4 Video inputs


Hardware requirement:

-Intel´s CPU is recommended

-Mainboard based on intel´s chipsets is recommended

-At least 128M of RAM (256 required for 16 cameras)

-At least 32M of RAM for display adaptor (ATI Radeon 7000 or above and Nvidia Geforce serials is recommended

Software requirement:

-Require Windows2000 or Windows XP (NTFS file system is recommended)

-Windows Directx8.0 or above

-Latest Display adapter driver


  • Display & Recording speed
    • 60fps in NTSC, 50 fps in PAL
  • Visual Signal Input
    • 4 Channel (BNC or RCA)
  • Image resolution
    • 640 X 480, 352 X 288, 320 X 240
  • Image compression
    • H.264 / MPEG-4( Developed by Wave-P)
  • Audio input
    • 2 channel audio input with microphone

    Ether8104 DVR card 8104 - wave-particle


Key specifications:
1) Camera input: 4 channels
2) Audio input: 2 channels audio input though sound card with microphone
3) Image compression: H.264/MPEG-4 (optional)
4) Video total frame rate: 50fps
5) Displaying resolution: 640 x 480, 352 x 288, 320 x 240
6) Recording resolution: 640 x 480, 352 x 288, 320 x 240
7) Compression ratio: 30-100M/C/H
8) Network protocol: TCP / UDP
9) Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP

Basic functions:
1) 1-2ch real-time or 3-4ch non real-time monitoring, and its image speed is two
or three times of the other non real-time cards
2) Each channel image color can be adjusted individually by software, overcomes
the shortcomings of similar non real-time card not able to adjust each channel
individually by software
3) Supports 6 cards insert in the same PC at most to form 24 channel monitoring,
and can also support mix inserting Ether8104 and ETHER8416, to form 20
channel monitoring
4) Multi-screen monitoring, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36 split screen available
5) Supports recording by cycling through multi-hard disks
6) Recording both flow trends yard and fix yard are available
7) Intellectually searching for historical DVR files, up to 16 screen playback
8) Multi-user's authority management setup, supports to set up user's authority
of operating
9) Supports move detection touch off the video recording, sending E-mail
(monitoring pictures in the enclosure), sending alarm by phone, and by sound
10) Setting up motion detection area discretionarily, the sensitivity is adjustable
11) Through IE realizes such perfect network management functions as long-range
spot monitoring, long-range historical playback, long-range spot video recording,
and long-range historical video recording
12) Supports Intranet IP to remote monitoring
13) Supports one IE remote monitor, several DVR of different IP
14) Supports one IE remote monitor, several different DVR within the same IP
15) Supports the watermark of the characters and time, the particular format of
video files prevent being edited, the security is high, and supports being
converted to AVI format
16) The video file supports electron enlargement, taking pictures and instant print
and back up
17) Supports local and remote PTZ lens control

Model number: RD-8104

Brand name: Ether DVR card

China DVR Card Ether 8104

source sell DVR Card series, dvr card,

:::::::::::: ETHER8104 ::::::::::::::



Linstore - PCI videovalvontakortti, 4xBNC-porttia, PCI, 25fps

Driver and software Download Windows http://www.deltaco.se/driver/sk-2000f2/sk-2000f2.zip

PC screen

Welcome!! OKGNN!! Download new encode

Kortin mukana CD:llä tulee versio 3.8

http://www.okgnn.com/admin/data/data/32_en.zip versio 5 ja 6

http://www.okgnn.com/admin/data/data/8104_en.zip ver. 5 ja 6

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