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Some useful HAM related links:

OK QRP club

Czech OK QRP Club. It exists form 1990. The aim of the Club is to spread Ham Spirit, to make friendship with other amateurs and exchange technical and operational experience in the field of low power communication (QRP). Using of QRP helps reducing QRM on the bands, enables beginners to get on the air with simple gear and helps improving operational and technical skills.

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OK QRP Forum

Forum was recreated in 20016 after of Yahoo hosted forum failure to avoid SPAM flood. As accident old forum contebnt was deleted withou archive. New forum is hosted on Google groups, so it will be more proff to SPAM attacks

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OK QRP Info Bulletin (OQI) is bulletin of and for the members of the OK QRP Club by whom it is compiled,financed and distributed. It is published 4 times a year. At end of 2016 year just anniversary issue No. 100 relased.

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OK QRP Bulletin - OQI Interactive and searchable Index of articles

(update Sept. 24th 2016 V2.1)

On anniversary of Issue number 100 of OQI bulletin there is released DVD with full text of all 100 Issues. You can browse and search in full Index of articles here. Index uses javascript libraries and is usable in all modern browsers(but bootstrap/datatables based library is very slow in IE8)

CD with full texts avilable!!! see OK QRP Club Web

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OK QRP Bulletin - OQI plain article list PDF

For articles list printing or browser without javascript there si simple PDF file with list of all articles titles.

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CW Clubs RBN Bandmap

(by DJ1YFK and PA4N) The table on the bandmap page shows recent RBN spots of CW club members in a dynamically updated bandmap. SOo you can use it for Award or simply to search good CW operator for sked - ther you can filter QRQ or QRS speed!.

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QRPP - Journal of the Northern California QRP Club

August and September 2016 full Issues

We just republished with kindly permissions of Doug KI6DS/NCQRP E-zine

QRPP - Journal of the Northern California QRP Club

We hope it will be here more accessible than in Yahoo forum...

Old Issues Archive:

NCQRPP Archive of old Issues

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