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thanks to MM0FMF, OE5JFE & IZ3GME



Green: System online | Red: System out of service

How to use it? Send a specificaly formated SMS to +32 456 66 55 13

This is a gateway from SMS message to spot on SOTAwatch. It's a Belgian phone number so for outside ON or EU costs are likely!

BOTH SMS versions are supported. The official SOTA and also the SPOT SMS way (by Zsolt HG4UK) is supported using the new SSO / SOTAwatch3 login.

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Registered phone number with Andy MM0FMF

If you have registered (Contact form see SOTA.org.uk ) your phone number and callsign with Andy MM0FMF you can use all features as described here:

SMS Format info: SOTA-SMS-Format

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SPOT SMS with SOTAwatch 3 login

If you have a valid SOTAwatch3 / database login you can use this feature.

Use " " (space, blank) to separate the values.

The frequency must be sent in kHz ! units. Only one decimal is allowed (. or ,) but is not recommended.

Summit reference in format i.e.: ON/ON-001 (the slash and dash are mandatory)

The transmitting mode is optional and the gateway trying to guess it using the IARU Region 1 band plan.

Full syntax (recommended):

[SOTAwatch3 Username] [SOTAwatch3 Password] [Callsign] [Full Summit Ref] [Frequency in kHz] [Mode] [Comment]

SMS Example

ON4UP pw ON4UP/P ON/ON-001 145500 FM Now QRV

ON4UP spots (using "ON4UP" SOTAwatch registered callsign and "pw" password; the same as you use to login at Sotawatch) ON4UP/P is on ON/ON-001 SOTA summit and uses 145500 kHz (145.500 MHz) in FM. Comment "Now QRV"

Short syntax:

[SOTAwatch3 User] [SOTAwatch3 Password] * [Full Summit Ref] [Frequency in kHz] [Comment]

Note: This will only work if your Callsign is equal to your Sotawatch3 username. The * is replaced with the username.

ON4UP spots using "ON4UP" SOTAwatch3 registered username and "pw" password.

SMS Example (short version with self-spot)

ON4UP pw * ON/ON-001 14285 Peter calling

ON4UP spots himself (as ON4UP) using his SOTAwatch registered callsign and "pw" password. He's on ON/ON-001 SOTA summit and uses 14.285 MHz in SSB. Comment "Peter calling"

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This gateway tool is progammed in Python3 and runs at my home QTH on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a sim800 module.

sim800 module is communicating via gammu-smsd and hands over the SMS to the script.

Latest spots and status are sent regularly to this website.

This service is provided for free in the best Ham spirit.


Peter Preudhomme


Kortenberg, Belgium, JO20GV

on4up at qsl.net

Find me on:


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