OZ9QV Amateur Radio Station

Short Bio :

Licensed in 1973 with the call OZ9QV

Operated mostly VHF and UHF until late 1989, then moved to The Netherlands Licensed there as PA3FOP and later PA9QV.

In the Netherlands not much activity, due to living in apartments. mostly a bit of HF CW work and some QRSS/WSPR etc, and propagation monitoring.

Mid 2015 I moved back to Denmark, and have been working at building up my HF, 6m and 4m antenna system, and a vertical 2m/70cm antenna. Due to illness the work has been halted for a while, and is slowly building up speed again.

Station description



Propagation on all bands

QRP operation

Weak signal operation

Radio astronomy

Microwave operation

VHF-UHF operation

Satellite operation - now listening to the geostationary Es'hail 2, aka. Qatar OSCAR 100 satellite.

Building a blog for amateur radio:

- stage 1: OZ9QV at blogspot dot com

- stage 2: Also having my own web hotel hosing my blog (heavily under construction)

An example of what I did to make antennas less visible - no, not invisible.

Camouflaged Antenna

OZ9QV, 2019-07-11