HAM Raspberry Server

APRS, Echolink, SVXLink, Beacon CW and more!

Image Raspberry Pi for Ham Amateur for:

- APRS Gateways/Digi using Soundcard;
- APRS Gateways/Digi using USB KISS TNC;
- APRS RX Gateways using RTL-SDR;
- Automatic Radiosonde Receiver (Vaisala RS41/RS92, Graw, Meteomodem and Intermet);
- Beacon CW using GPIO's;
- Echolink Station using Soundcard (SVXLink);

Easy Configure via browser

The configuration of the system is done totally via browser accessing http://hamraspsv.local or by the local IP. Ex:


Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pbmUkYhwC6GWazKg1xTuMCfs9xl6qMFT


Contact / feedbacks / bug reports:
Cellphone/Whatsapp: +55 43 9.9919-0404
Facebook/QRZ Profile: PY5BK