Design by PA1PDB  last update 31-Aug-2014

Locator: JO32CW

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Antenna's in use:

144MHz Horizontal 7 elements Flexa Yagi
70MHz   Horizontal 4 elements DIY  Yagi
50MHz   Horizontal 3 elements Yagi
144MHz/430MHz dual Band Vertical  Diamond
70MHz   Vertical Katrein
HF (size 80m) windom antenna
Beverage Antenna (size 85m)
I started with the Call PE1OYI in 1992. In 2011 I changed my call into PA1PDB.
I'm located in the north part of the Netherlands in the province Friesland.
In the 90s I was very active with building V/UHF repeater stations.
My interests are old vintage equipment. Like to restore it and work with it.

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QSL by eQSL or

Yaesu FT-107M (HF)
Kenwood TS-770 (2/70)
Kenwood TS-700 (converted to 4M)
FDK Multi750XL (2M)
Teletron TMC-87 (70cm)
Condor 3000 (70cm)
DIY 2M FM tranceiver (1992)
TRIO JR-500S (HF receiver)
Teaberry Stalker XX  (11M)
President Lincoln (10/11M)
Tokyo Skylark World receiver
AP20 Radiotelephone (70cm)
Alinco DJ-580 (2/70) Handheld
Alinco DJ-610 (2/70) Mobile
Baofeng UR-5RA+ Handheld
And other vintage handhelds.

Arduino antenna rotor
2M>6M transverter + 65W PA
Audio combiner RX/TX
Arduino CTCSS encoder