Period O/B


March 1989 – May 1995.

Function O/B


Electronic Radio Officer & DP / Vessel Control Specialist.

The CSO Marianos is a rapid intervention diving support vessel of a versatile and proven design which achieves high year-round utilization.

The principal dimensions are as follows:

Length overall                             



Length between pp



Breadth molded



Depth molded



Operating draft


m  - 

6.5 m



T @

6.5 m draft

Gross tonnage



Other features include:

Cranage - 60/21 T @ 8.3/23 m 
Helideck for Super Puma.

The Marianos features a twin bell, 16-man diving system rated to 450 m.

The vessel is designed to provide a cost effective, multipurpose base for offshore maintenance and light construction operations.


About the Triton(R) XL

The Triton(R) XL is a submarine work class ROV of 3.3 metric tons adapted for sub sea construction work.       

It is unlike survey class ROV-s which are lighter and not as powerful.    
It can work at depths of 2,500 meters with 100 horse power.

-- It is 3.1 meters long, 1.5 meters broad, 2.1 meters high;
-- It is equipped with 3 vertical thrusters, 4 horizontal, allowing it to reach
   a maximum speed of 3 knots and a traction force of 500 kg; 
-- Its lights have a total capacity of 3000 watts;

-- It is equipped with:
-- 3 sub sea cameras, one color and two black and white,
   one of them can intensify images in low visibility conditions;
-- 2 manipulators, one for dexterity, one for strength, able to cut 38 mm diameter
   cable with a hydraulic guillotine cutter;
-- 1 sonar;
-- 1 giro compass, 1 depth sensor, 1 altimeter.

This ROV can be deployed from a "Top-hat" through its Tether Management System (TMS) with a 200 meter excursion capability once at working depth, the umbilical ensuring liaise between the bottom and the surface.

All surface equipment onboard the vessel comprise:
-- the Launch and Recovery System (LARS), (A-frame and winch);
-- an electro-hydraulic power pack;
-- a control and command room for the whole system;
-- a workshop room for mechanical, electronic and hydraulic maintenance
   of all components of the systems.

Total footing of these equipments is 60 m2 for a total weight of 58 T.