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Item: MS Audio Mute Timer.

Meteor Scatter / FT8 audio-mute-timer. Developed by PA3FPQ and PA2CHR 
This timer switches off the audio from your receiver to the external speaker and was designed for use during Meteor scatter operation.  
Also useable for FT8 and other modes. 
When listening to Meteor Scatter, without transmitting, you like to hear the reflections coming in from the "DX station" in the speaker.  
But if a strong station is calling in the other period, the audio is so loud your ears don't like this! Especially with receiver AGC turned off. 
Therefore we developed this timer. 
You can bypass the timer when you like and want to hear audio in both periods. 
- mute's the external speaker audio. 
- switchable between 15 and 30 sec. period. 
- switchable between 1st or 2nd period. 
- GPS controlled for exact timing. 
- GPS lock indicator (LED). 
- bypass function. 
- standalone unit, connect only: Audio Input, Output, 12volt and external GPS (included). 
The package includes: 
- complete build and tested unit 
- external GPS in plastic case with 2 meter cable 
- 12v connector 

email post(at) for price information
See the YouTube video Chris made.

YouTube movie: Demo the MS Audio Mute Timer 

Back view
GPS in case

General info: Standalone Sun- and Mooncalculator with relays for moonrise, sunset. GPS locked. (items 1 and 2).

I have for sale some standalone Sun- and Moonposition calculator with GPS (see below).  
Perfect to see at any time what the actual sun- and moonposition is at the QTH where you are at that moment. Can also be used for expedition, mobile use etc.  
The QTH locator is stored in EEprom when a new locator is recognised.  
At power-up the RTC and the stored QTH locator make a accurate calculation from the moon and sun based on the date, time and locator. When GPS is locked the RTC and locator will be updated with the data from the GPS-unit. 
All the models consist of: 
- Arduino Nano (pre-programmed). Older versions had the Arduio Mega2560.
- GPS. 
- RealTimeClock (RTC) I2C. 
- 5V 7805 voltage regulator (needs heatsink or to be mounted on metal case). 
- LCD I2C display 20x4 or 16x2 (size and backlight colour depending on itemnumber, see below.) 
- 5V MOON relay. 
- 5V SUN relay. 
The MOON relay switches from moonrise (when moon is -1 degree to switch on your equipment automatic) until moonset (when moon is -1 degree). 
I used this to switch on my SDR, PC, Rotor etc. to follow the moon and spot on Livecq. 

The SUN relay switches from sunset (when sun is -1 degree) to switch on lights etc. until sunrise (when sun is -1 degree). 
At order-time you can specify your specific needs for the MOON and SUN relay according the elevation to switch the relay.

Item 1: Standalone Sun- and Mooncalculator with relays for moonrise, sunset and RTC with 2x16 LCD display. GPS locked. 

With Arduino Nano and 16x2 LCD display with BLUE backlight. 
seconds 0-30: Row 1: date, GMT-time. Row 2: sun indicator "*", sun azimuth and elevation. 
seconds 30-60: Row 1: maidenheadlocator + * when GPS locked, time. Row 2: moon indicator "(", moon azimuth and elevation. 

Price: 50 euro. 

Item 2: Standalone Sun- and Mooncalculator with relays for moonrise, sunset and RTC with 4x20 LCD display. GPS locked. 
With Arduino Nano and 20x4 LCD display with BLUE backlight. 
Row 1: date, GMT-time. 
Row 2: maidenheadlocator + * when GPS locked, MR (moonrise), MS (moonset), SR (sunrise), SS (sunset). 
Row 3: moon azimuth and elevation. 
Row 4: sun azimuth and elevation. 

Price: 60 euro. NOTE: I don't have the 4x20 LCD display in stock. I need to order them when you place the order. Delivery-time can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Item 3: OE5JFL GPS unit.
This unit syncs the date, GMT-time and QTH location every 5 minutes so you never have to worry about the exact time from the OE5JFL antenna tracking unit. (the RTC on the JFL is not very accurate). 
I do have 2 units left from my last batch and I don't have plans to make new ones........ 

Unit consists of: 
- PCB with all components 
- GPS 9600bd Sirf III 
- DB9 male connector to connect to the OE5JFL board 
- 16 x 2 LCD display. Shows date, time and maidenheadlocator

Price: 50 euro.

Item 4: Heatspreader for watercooling (PE1RKI). 2 available
Price: 140 euro each, both 250! (Bert asks 160 euro). 

I have for sale two milled Copper heat spreader and water cooling blocks made by PE1RKI link_to_bert
NEW, never used. 

Item 5: PCB for maidenheadlocator GPSLOCDIS from Andy Talbot G4JNT. 

Price: 10 euro. 

PCB only to build your own OE5JFL GPS unit. This is ONLY the PCB, no PIC, drawing etc. All info is at Andy's website. 
I also can send the build and tested board with programmed PIC for the OE5JFL controller WITHOUT the GPS and LCD. Price 30 euro.

Item 6: SDR receiver WSE converters SM5BSZ. 
Always wanted to run MAP65?
The best SDR to be used with Delta66/44 sound card (included) for monitoring 96KHz wide bandspectrum. Perfect for EME with dual-polarisation antenna's but can also be used with H-pol or Vpol only. Comes with powersupply (+15V ad -15V) and Delta66/44 soundcard. 
Price 250 euro or best offer.