PA3FPQ Hamradio
Welcome to my website.
Here is my story about hamradio.
Since 1980 I am active on VHF-UHF and SHF. Worked in contests with home made equipment for 23, 13, 9, 6 and 3cm. 
I was very active on Moonbounce (EME) for many years. On 17 june 2018 I worked N1NK for state number 50 on 2meter. 
Directly after that qso I stopped 2meter EME activity and removed the 4 x 9 elements DK7ZB xpol yagi's from the tower. 

I stopped doing EME on 2 meter because the qrm from all kind of equipment in my area was getting to high and moving to a quiet qth is no option due to qrl commitment. 

On 6 july 2009 I received DXCC 100 on 2meter, DXCC number 39. 
With DXCC certificate # 39, 1154 EME initials and 186 confirmed DXCC's on 2 meter I am very happy. Now it's time for new challenges on lower frequencies. 
18 august 2020 my tower is dismantled including rotor and antennas for 6M and my MQ-26 for 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20M. This is all shipped to PJ4BZL in Bonaire who will be qrv soon. Berry, GL with this great setup!

I will mount a Endfed for 12M and 80M to complete my DXCC for these two bands. 
When this is completed I will try what is possible in this noisy area. So far DXCC completed for 2, 6, 10, 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40 meter. 
Hope to hear you on the bands. 
Johan PA3FPQ
My DXCC certificate.
This is me.... some time ago.
MS audio mute timer 
15-02-2021: Together with Chris PA2CHR I developed a audio mute timer for Meteorscatter. See the FORSALE link.
OE5JFL GPS units
24-03-2021: I do have some OE5JFL GPS units available for sale. I have only 3 left. See the FORSALE link.

Standalone moon-sun-calc.
02-02-2021: I do have some standalone MOON and SUN calculators for sale. See the FORSALE link.
If you want you can contact me via email. See for more info.