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Stable readout by using power supply noise rejection. Only 3 components!

Some people are getting strange behaviour when 'switching on' the display. It does not display the right elevation and it can take a while before the display is stable. Jurgen PE1LWT tried the tip from the datasheet (page 7), also Oene PA3CWN, and this works FB.

Between pin 4 and 8 a 10 Ohm SMD resistor should be mounted and also from pin 4 and 8 to ground a 100NF SMD (or normal) capacitor. This should be mounted in the box as close as possible to the 2125 accelerometer IC. See:



Disable the APO  (Auto Power Off)


If you want to prevent that the Readout switches off every 3 minutes you need to build the following circuit. The Output from the NE555

needs to be connected to the ON/OFF switch. For details see the next 2 pictures.

Powering OFF with the ON/OFF switch does work, but within 3 minutes it will switch ON automatic. If you don't want this, put an extra switch in the + wire to the battery or external powersupply. Now you can choose if the indicator stays ON or switches OFF after 3 minutes)       (thanks Oene for the drawing)



Pictures from several Hams

Jurgen PE1LWT made the following box.


John PA7JB mounted the D2125E this way.

Spiros SV8CS used the spirit level during his stay in CT3.


Oene PA3CWN did send me the following pictures from his readout and box.


IW1DTU did send me these pictures.

And pictures from David G4DHF.

Peter OZ1LPR did send me the folowing info and pictures:

Hi there I just made a version of the Lidl level with compenstation if you like a PCB version on your webpage. I will make the PCB film available on my webpage  and list the parts used.

Also for the people removing the small sensor. I found a rather easy ans safe way. Bend a copper wire of 1mm into a aquare that fits around the chip. Press it down around the chip.

Thanks Peter


Joop PA0JMV did send the the next pictures

Steffen DD0VF is using the readout and mounted together with a camera in a box.

Eddy PE2RMI did send next pictures

Frank DF5NK emailed the following ones

JJ TK5JJ did send the next ones

Pictures from Peter PA4PS

Pictures from Frank PE1NFE