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The QSL Manager's Creed

I agree to save and preserve all DX and DXpedition logs in my possession.

I agree to NEVER close a log.

If I am unable to fulfill my duties as a QSL manager I shall transfer such duties to a responsible person willing to take on the responsibility, OR contact the QSL Managers Society for a referral.

I shall answer ALL direct QSL requests as long as sufficient funds for return postage are provided.  Any QSLs sent without adequate funds for return postage shall be answered via the bureau.

I shall accept, and answer ALL bureau QSL requests sent via the bureau or sent via an OQRS bureau service by answering them via the bureau.  If a QSL has already been processed, it is optional to send a second via the bureau.

I will answer SWL cards.

I agree to ONLY provide QSL cards for QSOs that are "in the log". I will require reasonable matching log data.

I agree to return any QSL cards where QSOs are not in the log, and include an appropriate note.

I agree to be accessible via email.

In the event of an untimely postage increase, I agree to make up the difference on any delayed outgoing mail.

I shall keep separate, all IRCs and money received with the cards.  I will use this kitty to pay for my QSL manager expenses such as stamps, QSL cards, and all bureau expenses.  I understand that I may have to contribute my own personal funds to this kitty from time to time.  If working with a DXpedition, I agree to pre-determine how QSL donations and any excess beyond postage, QSL printing, bureau expenses, etc. is to be returned into the DXpedition.

I understand that Online QSL Request Service (OQRS) is a �service�.  If I offer OQRS, I can charge any reasonable amount desired (for direct or bureau) as long as I will always accept direct mail requests that include minimum sufficient funds for return postage, or accept regular QSL bureau cards via an incoming QSL bureau if one is available.

I agree to ALWAYS provide a "physical" QSL card if one is requested.

I agree to be fair at all times.

I agree to never publish misleading QSL information.

If I am asked to handle QSLing for a DXpedition, I agree to advise the DXpedition that I will never divert from this creed.

I agree to the following statement:

"Donations are NEVER required, but ALWAYS appreciated."

I agree to advise the QSL Managers Society of any changes in contact information as listed on the web site membership roster page.  I understand that if my email address is found to be no longer valid, that my name will be removed from the roster.

I agree that if I am unable to abide by this creed for any reason, I will request to be removed from the QSL Managers Society membership roster.

The QSL Manager's Creed

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