Windows Software

Various programs for Windows.

Windows/Unix Software

Various programs that work with both Windows and Unix.

Unix Software

Various programs for Unix/POSIX.

Sequencer Plus Gold Utilities

Various helper programs for the Sequencer Plus Gold MIDI sequencer from Voyetra.


I’ve collected a bunch of Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and Commodore 64 pictures that I’ve converted to TIFF format. Many of the pictures were created in display modes with non‐square pixels; for online viewing, the image will be scaled so that it displays correctly on a modern display with square pixels. For offline viewing, my ImgView viewer (Windows version, Unix version) is one of the few programs that can do this scaling automatically.

Monty Python Goodies

Selected transcripts from Monty Python TV, movies and records.

I have also made an eBook in EPUB format of all the files.

Saga’s Heads or Tales: Is It Flawed?

Some observations regarding the 2003 Steamhammer/SPV remaster and a 1983 Bon Aire vinyl of Saga’s Heads or Tales album.

The Loudness War

Various links pertaining to the phenomenon called “the loudness war”.

High‐Resolution Digital Audio

Various links pertaining to the (hopefully obvious) merits of using more than 16 bits/44.1 kHz for digital audio.