Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club

Speculator Repeater (Oak Mountain) 147.165+ no PL

Other 2M Repeaters you might be able to hit
from the Speculator/LakePleasant area:

  Blue Mountain 146.865-  PL 162.2
  Boonville 146.655-
  Corinth 147.000-
  Gloversville/Johnstown 146.700-  PL 100
  Gore Mountain 147.135+  PL 123
  Mt. Greylock 146.910-
  Old Forge (McCauley Mt.) 147.315+  PL 71.9
  Schenectady 147.060+
  Tupper Lake 147.330+
  Utica 145.450-
  Whiteface Mountain
(emergeny only)
145.110+  PL 123

National Weather Service on Gore Mountain: 162.450 MHz

NOTE: This list is oriented towards the Lake Pleasant area.
When I have time, I intend to create a matrix indicating
coverage for various areas of the County.

An extensive list of repeaters in the Adirondacks is available on the
Northerrn New York Amateur Radio Association website (