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The Tri-Cities/Mountain Empire Fusion Net emanates from the Tri-Cities, TN area cosisting of counties in Northeast, TN and the Mountain Empire of VA consisting of counties in Southwest, VA. The net uses Wires-X room 61243 (Bristol-ARC) primary and 40843 (MEARS) as a back up.

Welcome to the 145.150 repeater on Viking Mountain in Greenville, TN.

Each net we now feature a town of the net. If you would like to reccomend a town in the TCME area please email [email protected] You are welcome to present the town yourself. Click here to download PDF document for a suggested submission format.

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Here is a list of repeaters and/or Wires-X systems that connect each week when available.

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Our History

In 2019 the Bristol Amateur Radio Club joined most of its neighboring clubs in installing a Yaesu C4FM/Fusion capable repeater. On September 11, 2019 the clubs new DR2X repeater was activated on its long time repeater frequency of 146.670. The Bristol-ARC wires-x room went fulltime digital and the club repeater began participating in Fusion nets on a regular basis.

On October 8, 2019 the first ever Bristol Fusion Net was held using room 61243. The first net included check-ins from TN, VA, WV, MI & GA. We had a total of 13 check-ins. The repeater continued to connect to other nets on different days and still does.

Dallas Cassell KD4CCO contacted Adam Dye N4NT in November of 2019 and discussed having the MEARS groups 443.000 repeater connect to the net. Dallas and Adam as well as some others hold membership or have held membership in both clubs. When Adam took office as President on BARC in 2019 one of his goals was to promote comradery amongst hams in different clubs around the area. Having a fusion net took this goal to a whole new level bring in groups from all over the U.S. and the World.

On November 23, 2019 the 443 and 146.670 along with other nodes and repeaters were linked for the net. This net had 17 check-ins, representing 5 states and 13 connected nodes. The 444.700 repeater in Gate City and two repeaters in the Wytheville area.

The net continued to be a success and discussions were had about other area repeaters participating. Some of the repeaters don’t have a regular net and some do but participation is minimal. Then the idea of creating a net with a regional name came about. The name Tri-Cities/Mountain Empire Fusion net was kicked around and seemed to be well liked by those in the region. The thought process being that those without a net could join, or if the group had a net they could also participate in this one. Or perhaps their existing net had minimal participation and they could join in and make a bigger net. (Take the small groups and combine into a bigger group.) The net would be a function independent of any club or group but would rely on groups, clubs and repeaters owners in the area to allow it to function on their equipment.

The logo for the net designed by Adam Dye N4NT not only shows a map of the Northeast, TN counties and the Mountain Empire, VA counties. It also features the colors of the 2 well known colleges/universities sports teams that these 2 areas are fond of. The TN portion is colored in University of TN orange with the outline of TN being in Smokey Gray. The VA portion is colored in VA Tech maroon with the outline of VA being VA Tech burnt orange.

The first official TCME net was held on January 7, 2020 and had 18 check-ins from 7 different states.. Our goal is not to become the next America Link with over 100 nodes connected. Instead we look to provide a net that has strong participation from our region and welcomes participation from around the world.

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