These are all the amateur radio transcievers I have had in my shack since I started.

I like to try out different radios so sometimes they dont stay very long,

and sometimes I like them so they stay a while.

Shortest stay record - IC7200 - 2 weeks

Longest stay record - TS450S - 18 years

Current radios are in red 


  Hand Held Radios
Alinco DJ190T, DJ-G5E, DJ596(x2)
Baofeng UV3Rmk2, UV-5R, UV-B5, UV-5R+
Belcom LS20XE
Fiedaxin (FDC) FD150(x3), FD450(x2)
Icom IC-T7H
Jingtong JT208, JT308
Kenwood TH28E, TH205E
Wouxun KG-UVD1P(x2)
Yaesu FT23R(x2), FT203R, FT290R2, FT690R2, FT817, FT817ND, VX3E


  VHF and up
AKD 4001
Alinco DR112T, DR435, DR610(x2)
Dymar 2000
Icom IC22U, IC240, IC-V8000
KDK 2016(x4), 2025 
Kenwood TM241E(x2), TS711A
Retevis RT95
Tait T194, T196
Yaesu FT480R, FT1802, FT1807, FT1900 , FT5200, FT7800R, FT8900R


  HF plus
Dragon SS485+
Anytone AT6666
Elecraft K2
Icom IC706, IC706Mk2G, IC718, IC725, IC751, IC7200
Kenwood TS50S, TS440S, TS450S, TS670
President Lincoln/HR2510(x3)
Radio Shack HTX10
Ranger RCI2950(x2)
Ten-Tec Scout 555
Yaesu FT77, FT77S , FT101E, FT101Z, FT101ZD, FT450D, FT707, FT747GX, FT857D, FT897D, FT900, FT920AF