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AX.25 Packet on Linux

Recently I have been experimenting with setting up packet radio on an ASUS netbook running Debian Linux. There have been a few challenges with this, which I describe below.

Packet Radio Resources

I have collected here some useful links in my search to learn about packet radio.

Packet Activity in the Local Area

7.03717VK2IO BBS, VK2WL, VK2SX, VK2TT, VK4ALN et al LSB w 1600/1800 Hz tones: The VK2IO HF BBS is stand-alone, but VK2IO-1 node has connectivity via Internet
145.175VK2MB-1, VK2BEN-1 et al National APRS Frequency, lots of activity
144.875VK2TGB VK2TGB BBS in the Blue Mountains (part-time only)
147.575VK2IO-1, VK2AMW-7, VK2DOT-1 VK2IO BBS/VK2IO-1 node is separate instance from VK2IO on HF; links to wider packet network with message forwarding (via RF only, no internet); I can connect from my QTH via VK2AMW-7 node/digipeater
VK2RAG data regenerator Reception is too marginal from my QTH, need a better antenna :-) Would then be able to access VK2IO, VK2DOT.

There are some others I will check out listed on Steve VK2KFJ's Packet page, (the info is dated, so some of these systems may not be running anymore)

Channels on the VK2MB Packet Digipeater

On the radio used for packet digipeating at the MWRS club house, the following channels have been programmed:

1147.575 Main Channel (default), access VK2IO-1, VK2DOT-1, VK2RQ-7, VK2AMW-7 nodes
2144.425 VK2RSY beacon (for diagnostics/testing)
3144.700 Backup port to VK2DOT-1 XRouter
4144.875 Backup port to VK2IO & VK2TGB BBS systems
5145.175 Primary APRS frequency in VK
6145.200 Alternate local packet frequency
7147.600 Alternate local packet frequency