The "Twenty Eight" Chapter in W.A. Founded in 1987
The group is named, not only 
because its members operate on 28MHz,
but also from reading that:
Twenty Eight Parrots,
so named because of the resemblance 
of their call to the words
"Twenty Eight"
are the most comon parrots in the 
neighbourhood of Perth, Western Australia.
Unlike most other parrots, 
they are bold inquisitive birds;
if alarmed, they will sit overhead and 
call loudly instead of flying away.
Twenty Eight Parrot
This often brings in others from nearby, 
and all join in the commotion.

-That sounds just like a 10.10 net-

The nets are held on Sunday Mornings at 8.10AM on 28.360 MHz
and at 4.30PM on 28.560 MHz Sunday Afternoon W.A. Sandard Time.

To become eligable for membership of the "10x10" Net
(with your own unique 10-10 number)
just collect the 10-10 numbers of Ten members on 10 metres, otherwise known as 28MHz.

There are many awards to collect
The awards of the "Twenty Eight Chapter"
aim at inreasing the awareness of Western Australia,
and they are to be extended as "10 metres" becomes more active again.

"Western Third" (1 Point)
"Wildflower-State" (2 Points)
"Perth-on-the-Swan" (3 Points)

"Kings Park" (5 Points)
"Rottnest Island" (6 Points)
"Twenty Eight Parrot" (7 Points)

"Pennant" (10 Points)
"Augusta" (Cape Leeuwin) (Numbat)
"Bunbury" (The Lord Forrest) (Pelicans)
"Busselton" (The Jetty) (Penguins)
"Manjimup" (Timber Museum) (A Wildflower)
"Margaret River" (Surf) (A Wildflower)
"Pemberton" (Tall Trees) (Emu)
"Yallingup" (Beach-Caves-Wineries) (Aussi Magpie)

"The 28 Chapter SALUTES 10-X International Net Inc. in its 28th Year"

this is only the local awards that I have heard about - I will try to get some pictures

The "Six-Twenty Eights" Award was new and available
for 10 months between January 1st and October 31st 1997,
with all contacts on the 28MHz band

To celebrate the 10th birthday or (Hatchday!) of the group and also
the 168th year of European settlement in Western Australia 6x28=168.


CH VK6NKB Brian Kirkby, 33 Mary Crescent, Eden Hill, Western Australia 6054

CM VK6ATE Dave Handscomb, PO Box 39, Quinns Rock, Western Australia 6030

The full rules are available from
Brian - VK6NKB - 08-9 ?
Dave - VK6ATE - 08-9305-7295

From papers supplied by Dave VK6ATE

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