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Secretary - VK6JP - 08-9364-1779 - [email protected]
Publicity - VK6PO - 08-9341-3939
Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of most months,

at Villa 9, 75 Beasley Road, LEEMING, WA. 6149.
 The AGM is in May.
Membership is free, there is no joining fee and no subscription !

The Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network (WICEN)
is included in some State Emergency Management Support Plans.

The S.E.S. provided WICEN with a room at their North Metropolitan Regional HQ.
(I understand that this building is being rebuilt or something)
This room was set up for HF communications on the 40 and 80 Metre Bands using dipole antennas,
other WICEN operators, operate from their home QTH using high gain antennas.

The aim is to have full coverage, State, National and International.

Metropolitan coverage is by the 2 Metre band using either a local repeater and / or
WICEN's own portable repeater VK6RIC operateing on 146.875/146.275MHz or
the WICEN 70cm repeater on 439.950/434.950MHz.

Check out the weekly WICEN Net
On Wednesday evenings on 80 metres 3.600 MHz at 20.00, 8.00pm + or - QRM

and 146.750
at 20.30 hours, 8.30pm local time
Note: If the frequencies are busy at net time Jim will move, to 146.700 MHz or
the last move being to the local WICEN Repeater on 146.875 MHz.

Anyone may join in on either net.
The net controller will welcome any enquiries.

Training activities currently are confined to the support of
community based sports activities such as the City to Surf Fun Run,
Sports Medicine Association triathalon/marathon events,
and the W.A. canoe white-water event and car rallies including Rally Australia.

Volunteers for these activities are always welcome.

In discussions with the SES and from the experience of WICEN
in other States of Australia it appears that short distance 2 metre operations
is the most likely form of communications support to be requested in the present environment.

WICEN WA welcomes expressions of interest from all amateur radio operators,
whatever their area of interest may be, particularly in packet radio
and from metropolitan and country amateur radio clubs.

A letter to all WA amateur radio operators .doc
A form for offering assistance - in times of EMERGENCY .doc
A Registration form is attached for your convenience.

NO membership  fees apply
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