[Young Ladies] we are always 21 at heart

Founded in 1979

Our 25th Birthday Lunch was in June 2004
Lady amateurs, the wives, girlfriends and daughters of amateurs, meet for lunch.
"OM's" Welcome - usually 2 or 3 - VK6's JP, WT, RW
at one end of the ladies table or if too many at a seperate table.

12 noon at  - see Clubs-WA page for latest info
On the last Thursday of every month, except December or ANZAC Day

For Christmas and other special events,
the ladies are invited to join the Old Timers at their luncheon.

This group began after Ron Hugo VK6KW became a silent key,
his widow Daphne didn't want to loose touch with the friends
she had made through her husbands hobby.

Daphne asked a few of these ladies to have lunch with her at the HP Hotel,
they all enjoyed the outing and decided to make it a regular event.

After many years of visiting most Restaurants in Perth,
the group moved back to the HP Hotel, until 10/2006
so that everyone remembered the venue !
 New Venue
 The Bayswater Hotel, Railway Parade, Bayswater.

The idea "grew like topsy" when interstate visitors
were in Perth at the appropriate time they were invited along,
when they arrived back home they also arranged monthly luncheons.

Perth Group Photo November 1999

Standing left to right, Robin Dicks (the girl on the stamp) Daughter of Trish,
Jill Stone Daughter of Peg&Cyril VK6CN, Ruth Worthington VK1YL,
Maree Preston XYL of VK6JP, Christine Bastin VK6ZLZ,
Poppy Bradshaw VK6YF, Linda (Poppy's Daughter), Trish Dicks VK6QL
Seated left to right, 
Gwen Spencer Sister of Cyril VK6CN, Peg Eakins Widow of VK6CN,
Joan Morris XYL of VK6TX, Margaret Price Widow of VK6TP,

Please join us, 
our table is just inside the rear door from the car park
or just ask for the "radio ladies"
Contact us, to let us know to expect you, 
its seldom we talk radio.

VK6YF - Poppy - 08-6278-4339 [email protected]
 Maree Preston - 08-9364-1779 j[email protected]
VK6ZLZ - Christine Bastin - 08-9458-6218 [email protected]

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