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Western Australia
in VK6

The West Australian VHF Group (Inc).

Amateur Radio Beacon transmitters
are provided around the world
on a variety of frequencies.

Beacons operate on a continuous basis and
are used primarily as a propagation indicator,
particularly in the absence of other (intermittent)
transmissions from the area where the beacon is located.

Amateur beacons have been used in long term investigation of unusual propagation;
for example across the Great Australian Bight
between Albany in VK6 and Adelaide in VK5.

 Beacons also provide an invaluable reference marker for receiver and
antenna evaluation within and beyond their normal service area.

Current practice in VK6 has been to use all solid state keyers and transmitters.
The latter are based on modified versions of the
Philips FM828/880/814 series of transceivers
between 50 and 432 MHz,
with locally constructed equipment on higher frequencies to 10GHz.

In Western Australia
beacons are operational on the following frequencies:-

CallSign Frequency ~ERP(W) Pattern Polarity Site Photographs

10 Metres
VK6RWA 28.264 10 Omni Vertical Carine/WIA

6 Metres

VK6RPH 50.066 10 Omni Horizontal Walliston
VK6RSX 50.304 50
Omni Horizontal Dampier
VK6RBU 50.306
100 Dir 270 Horizontal Bunbury

Have a look at some historic details
of the first VK6 - 50 MHz Beacon VK6VF circa 1955

CallSign Frequency ~ERP(W) Pattern Polarity Site Photographs

2 Metres

Busselton VK6RBS
VK6RPH 144.460
10 Omni Horizontal Walliston
VK6RBU 144.560* 100 Dir 270 Horizontal Bunbury VK6RBU
VK6RSW 144.562 50 E/N Horizontal Augusta
VK6RST 144.564 25 Omni Horizontal Mt Barker
VK6REP 144.568 15 E/W Horizontal Esperance
VK6RSX 144.576 50 Omni Horizontal Dampier

70 cm
VK6RPH 432.460 10 Omni
Horizontal Walliston VK6RPH
VK6RSW 432.562  50  E/N  Horizontal Augusta
VK6RST 432.564 ~200W E/N Horizontal Mt Barker

CallSign Frequency ~ERP(W) Pattern Polarity Site Photo's

23 cm
VK6RPH 1296.460* 10 Omni Horizontal Walliston
VK6RBS 1296.560* ~250W North Horizontal Busselton
VK6RSW 1296.562 50 E/N Horizontal Augusta
10 GHz
VK6RBS 10368.560 ~200W North Horizontal Busselton
VK6RST 10368.564 ~200W East Horizontal Mt Barker
* Frequency shift keying

VK6RWA is licensed to the WIA (WA Division)

The licensee of all the others listed is

The West Australian VHF Group (Inc).
VK6REP is operated in co-operation with VK6AS.
VK6RSX is operated in co-operation with
The Northwest Amateur Radio Society

VK6RSX on 50.304 and 144.576 MHz has been moved
from Exmouth to Dampier as the previous
site became unsatisfactory for a variety of reasons.
Services which do not provide continuous transmission are not listed.

All transmitters provide identification in Morse code
interspersed with a
long key down period to facilitate
equipment adjustment or signal level recording.

WA - International HF Beacon - VK6RBP
VK6RBP Frequencies 14.100 18.110 21.150 24.930 28.200 Photographs

NCDXF - International Beacons - Location
The West Australian VHF Group (Inc).

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