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Western AustraliaVK6WIA Guide to Amateur Radio BOOKS


WIA - WA - Amateur Radio Guide & Useful Information
WA-AR-GuideVK6 Website Edition
Picture - Wireless Hill Communications Museum 
Worth a visit when in Perth Western Australia

FREE - Electronics Tutorials - FREE
Amateur Radio Study and Test Exams on the WWW

Ron Bertrand VK2DQ
Ian Purdie - VK2TIP


WIA - Study Guide - Novice LevelWIA Log Book
WIA - Study Guide
Novice Level

WIA - Log Book
Wire Bound

Stock held by the
Federal Office
[email protected]

or John Tower
 [email protected]

or the
WIA Bookshop

Become a Radio Amateur with Geoff Taylor
Become a Radio Amateur
with Geoff Taylor
The Book on  it's own - or turn it into
A Correspondence Course
Geoff  VK5TY  and Christine VK5CTY
Email [email protected]
08-8293-5615  South Australia
VK2KE - Amateur Study Program
Book Cover Picture Link
Book Cover Picture - Link
Book Cover Picture - Link
Book Cover Picture - Link
Radio Theory Handbook
Radio Theory Handbook
by Fred Swainston VK3DAC

Phone Silverdale (03) 9417 0700
Fax (03) 9417 0221
Email [email protected]

Fred has also put together a short 
electronics theory publication
which is a self paced study guide.
 Some prospective amateurs find this 
an easy introduction to the 
fundamentals of electricity.
visit this Website for more info

Another thing that Fred has introduced 
is a system where recognition for the 
amateur radio theory can contribute 
to a Nationally recognised 
Certificate I in Electrotechnology
Email [email protected]
visit this Website for more info

also useful for AMATEUR RADIO Students
IPS User Training Manual 1985 edition
IPS Logo
Ionospheric Prediction Service
Website - http://www.ips.gov.au/
Radio and Space Services
Propagation and Related Information

Study Books via VK2

WIA Education Service
Novice Kit (with or without the Morse) includes the following:
Into Electronics
Novice Electronics
Novice Electronics
1000 Questions
Learn Morse Code
Morse Book
Morse Tape
Morse Tapes
Into Electronics - Novice Electronics - 1000 Questions Novice Level and the 
latest ACA Regulations (downloaded from the Internet) plus Morse Book and Tapes
Get the whole Novice Kit or get the Items Individually
500 Questions for AOCP Candidates
100 Basic Projects
Upgrade your Licence - and also available
500 Questions for AOCP Level  - 100 Basic Electronic Projects

A Possible Location for Books in WA

VK6IM - John Tower - Tower Communications
14 Mary Street. Hazelmere. W.A. 6055
phone  08-9274-1118 -  Fax  08-9250-3734
Call John to find out the price, if he has it in stock, 
or can he get it, and how much to add for postage
Email:  [email protected]  - Visit John's Website:
http://www.tower.visionimage.com.aucheck the info page
BankcardMastercardVisaAmerican Express - by phone
Eftpos in person and Cheque by post

Ask the other States if they have the book you require

WIA Education Service
PO Box 410 Harris Park NSW 2150
Phone 02-9689-2417 or send email to VK2
Learning by Video!
For further information about video tape hire
send a business-size self-addressed, 
stamped envelope to
Gladesville Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
PO Box 48 Gladesville NSW 1675 Australia
Telephone 02 9427-0530 (after hours)
Fax 02 9428-5071 
WIA - NSW Website
Wireless Institute of Australia
(NSW Division)
PO Box 1066 Parramatta
New South Wales 2124
Phone: 02 9689-2417 
Fax: 02-9633-1525
Email [email protected]
WIA Bookshop
Amateur Radio Test Exams 
on the Web
AOCP Theory Exam
Novice Theory Exam
Regulations Exam
WIA - Victoria Website
40g Victory Blvd. Ashburton
Victoria 3147
Email  - [email protected]
The Story of Amateur Radio in VK4
Halcyon Days
Halcyon Days - Alan Shawsmith - VK4SS
WIA - Queensland Website
GPO Box 199, 
Wavell Heights,
Queensland 4012

Tel: 61 7 3221 9377 
Fax: 61 7 3266 4929

From Other Amateur Radio Societies

NZART Secret Listening book reveiw
Secret Listening
to see a review visit here
 Published by the 
New Zealand Association of 
Radio Transmitters Incorporated

NZART Publications & Supplies
P.O.Box 40-525
Upper Hutt 6415
New Zealand
Phone NZ: +64-4-528 2170
Fax NZ: +64-4-528 2173 
You can visit various websites
to see descriptions of many amateur books
Front Covers - to wet the appetite are displayed on the web
(Shop On Line) Front Covers are displayed on the web

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 The WIA exists for all Radio Amateurs, Does it speak for you.
Amateurs Unite and Conquer, United we stand, Divided we fall.
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