Amateur Radio in Western Australia
Formerly the Wireless Institute of Australia Western Australian Division Inc
Western Australia

VK6 Today

AMATEUR RADIO - A Communications Hobby
A Pastime that is enjoyed by Millions of people WORLDWIDE

Clubs + Meetings & Luncheon's etc.

Northern Corridor Radio Group Inc.

West Australian Repeater Group Inc.

West Australian VHF Group Inc.

Southern Electronics Group
PO Box 435 Mount Barker WA 6324

 VK6TR Tom 08-9844-7395
 VK6VX Bevan 08-9851-4545

Repeaters in the area are
VK6RAL - 146.725 MHz - Albany
VK6RAA - 146.825 MHz - Mt. Barker
(Soon to be
Echolink enabled)

Bunbury Radio Group (incorporating) SouthWest ARG
PO Box 31 Bunbury WA 6230
VK6VB Peter Ferguson  08-9726-3382 
VK6JDW Neville 08-9797-0111


 President: Kathi VK6KTS -
 Secretary: Cliff  VK6LZ - 08 9458-6218
 Email: -

scouts radio centre scouts antenna

The Peter Hughes Scout Communications Centre

- formally the Hillview Scout Hall
 corner Gibbs St. / Welshpool Rd, East Cannington
(Instruction on how to get there is on the WARG web site)

Meeting Dates & Times:
 1st Monday of each month 7:30 til 9:30 or 10pm
 except meeting on the 2nd Monday if the first is a Public Holiday in WA
after the business meeting we have general chit-chat with tea & bikkies.

Technical & General Net:
 Sundays 10:30-11:30am on 146.750MHz & 70cm & country link
A roster of operators use the Club callsign VK6RRG - Please volunteer

Licences Operated by WARG
Beacons - Bulletin Boards - Digipeaters - Repeaters

The IBP HF Beacon Network Sponsored by IARU & NCDXF
VK6RBP - Roleystone - Perth
Frequencies - 14.100 - 18.110 - 21.150 - 24.930 - 28.200

Time Slots  -  00.50  -  01.00  -  01.10  -  01.20  -  01.30

Bulletin Boards
VK6BBR - 144.875 - Roleystone
VK6BBS - 144.725 - Wireless Hill

VK6BBS - 144.725 - Wireless Hill
VK6RAW - 144.800 - Katanning
VK6RMS - 144.850 - Mt. Saddleback

VK6RHF - 29.680 - HF Repeater - Bedfordale/Mt.Richon

VK6RAP - 53.800 - 6 M Repeater - Roleystone

VK6RCT - 146.200 - Repeater - Cataby
VK6RAP - 146.700 - Repeater - Roleystone
VK6RLM - 146.750 - Repeater - Lesmurdie/Walliston -
Echolink VK6FZUK - Soon
VK6RTH - 146.800 - Repeater - Hearne (Tic) Hill
VK6RMW - 146.900 - Repeater - Mt. William - IRLP VK6ARA
VK6RFM - 146.975 -
Repeater - Fremantle -
Echolink - VK6DN
VK6RAW - 147.000 - Repeater - Katanning
VK6RMS - 147.250 - Repeater - Mt. Saddleback
VK6RAV - 147.275 - Repeater - Northam
VK6RBN - 147.350 - Repeater - Busselton

VK6RCW - 147.375 - Morse Practice Beacon (Simplex) - Orange Grove

VK6RTH - 438.225 - Repeater - Hearne (Tic) Hill
VK6RVP - 438.425 - Repeater - Vic. Park -
VK6RUF - 438.525 - 123Hz tone - Repeater
- Roleystone

Note: some of the above have IRLP or Echolink capability
through the generosity of members private systems
Please thank -

Geraldton Amateur Radio Group

PO Box 259 Northampton WA  6535
VK6IU - Gordon Williams - 08-9934-1259 and 08-9934-1507 fax
Reference the Geraldton Amateur Radio Group - We still exist!

We meet bi-monthly February through to December
usually the first Sunday evening of the month
but it is sometimes changed because of public holidays and the like.

VK6RGN - 147.000 MHz - Geraldton
VK6RNR - 146.675 MHz - Northampton

VK6RGN has moved back to the Moresby Range again
but independent of any other organisation for housing or power.
We wish to thank Bev VK6DE for providing it with a home for some time.

The foundation for the cabinet is in place and a new repeater
based on two Tait ex-commercial sets has been made up.
The ID will be at 10 wpm Morse and also by a voice announcement.
The Northampton repeater already has a voice ID.

Our technical officer is Graham Drage VK6KAE and it is Graham
that we have to thank for the new repeater construction and installation.

We no longer have any input into Exams or training
and there is no one under the new rules
capable of supervision or examination invigilation.

We are all old-timers and support one another but
younger people would be encouraged to join and participate.

However, without the teaching and examination facilities
we can not see the group running for a lot longer.

We are compiling a history of the GARG with the assistance of Ian Clinch
who was a member in the 1960's and has now moved from Greenough to Geraldton
and has shown interest in resuming his connections.

Mid West Amateur Radio Group

Repeater - VK6ROO - 146.775 MHz - Geraldton

 Karratha - Dampier - Wickham

The Amateur Radio Society of Northwest Australia Inc.
still functions when it has to.

VK6BHY Michael, VK6HV Steve, and VK6YA Dave
are the three active members in the area
so the group is virtually inactive

They continue to maintain the voice repeaters
VK6RWP - Karratha
VK6RWR - Wickham
and the IRLP node will be back on air
in the next week or so on 146.700

Dave has recently been approved as an
Assessor for the WIA Exam Service
Email Contact: VK6YA Dave - daveholt

The Goldfields Amateur Radio Group

A new Repeater is proposed for this area in the future



Amateur Radio Group  Inc.

Founded 1983

Callsign VK6AHR 

Lesmurdie / Kalamunda  surrounding area's

 PO Box 425 CANNINGTON WA 6987
Contact: Richard VK6BMW - Telephone: 08 9291 7807
Email: hargsec
Annual Membership $20 Donations Accepted

Meeting Location:
 Paxhill Guide Hall
 on the corner of Sanderson and Brady Roads, Lesmurdie

General Meetings & Activity Days
 Second and Last Saturday's of every Month except December
Meeting Time:  2pm till 4 or 5pm  Doors open at 1.30pm 

 Second Saturday of the month at 1.30pm for a practical session or working bee 

 Last Saturday of the month at 2pm for a General meeting 

There is also a "Natter Net" on 146.950 MHz every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm

Meetings consist of a short business session
a presentation or activity on amateur radio related topics
followed by
tea/coffee and biscuits

2008 is our 25th Anniversary

harg rejuvination2007
A welcome to new members and visitors

Bull Creek Aviation Museum Visit and Lunch
April 2006
VK6YN brought a sample of his new book


A Christmas social might be arranged.
Other Activities:
 A "Natter net" is held on 146.950MHz every Wednesday
 7.30pm till 8.30pm
All are welcome to join in.  

 The Hills Amateur Radio Group was formed in 1983

 with its primary objective being
 "to bring together Amateur Radio Operators

 Citizen Band Operators wishing to upgrade to Amateur Radio Status
 and Shortwave Listeners
 in the maintenance and furtherance of the amateur radio spirit"

By and large this is still the primary objective of the club. In practice,
HARG has evolved into an organisation that provides a venue
and structure for local amateurs to meet socially on a regular basis.

The club is in the process of establishing a fully operational
user friendly hamshack at the Paxhill Guide Hall.
Vistors and prospective new members are welcome.
There are no geographical restrictions on membership.

PO Box 1010 Mandurah WA 6210

Club Contacts

VK6SN Rex 08-9535-7992 -

Club Meetings
 Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month
 at 7.30pm at the SES HQ. Park Road, Mandurah
Peel Group has a weekly net on Sunday mornings
 on 3.570MHz between 8.30am and 9.00am local time
 immediately before the WIA news
Everybody welcome to join in, the more the merrier
hope to catch you there.
Amateur Exam's
If you are looking for an amateur examination in this area
please contact
VVK6SN Rex 08 9535 7992 -

 Wireless Hill - MELVILLE

Contact Telephone: Terry Leitch VK6ZLT (08) 9332 7008


 Wireless Hill Park Meeting Room, Melville WA
 Fourth Monday of each Month except December
 1930 for 2000
The Group is currently licensee of all VHF/UHF/SHF Beacons
in the VK6 Call area, which requires an ongoing commitment of
maintenance and development.
Monthly meetings usually feature a programme of talks on topics of
interest, as well as "show and tell" evenings of members projects.
The annual Junk sale in May is a popular event.
New members are always welcome!

WA VHF Group Beacons
VHF TX only -  50.066  - VK6RPH Walliston (Perth)
VHF TX only -  50.304 - VK6RSX Dampier
VHF TX only -  50.306 - VK6RBU Roelands (Bunbury)
VHF TX only -  144.020 - VK6RBS Busselton
VHF TX only -  144.568 - VK6REP Esperance
VHF TX only -  144.460 - VK6RPH Walliston (Perth)
VHF TX only - 144.560 - VK6RBU Roelands (Bunbury)
VHF TX only - 144.562 - VK6RSW Augusta
VHF TX only - 144.564 - VK6RST Mt Barker
VHF TX only - 144.576 - VK6RSX Dampier
UHF TX only - 432.060 - VK6RBS Busselton
UHF TX only - 432.460 - VK6RPH Walliston (Perth)
UHF TX only - 432.560 - VK6RBS Busselton
UHF TX only - 432.562 - VK6RSW Augusta
UHF TX only - 432.564 - VK6RST Mt Barker
1.2G TX only - 1.296180G - VK6RBS Busselton
1.2G TX only - 1.296460G - VK6RPH Walliston (Perth)
1.2G TX only - 1.296560G - VK6RBS Busselton
1.2G TX only - 1.296562G - VK6RSW Augusta
1.2G TX only - 1.296564G - VK6RST Mt Barker
2.4G TX only - 2.40346G - VK6RSP Wireless Hill (Perth)
2.4G TX only - 2.40356G - VK6RBS Busselton
3.4G TX only - 3.40046G - VK6RSP Wireless Hill (Perth)
3.4G TX only - 3.40056G - VK6RBS Busselton
5.7G TX only - 5.70584G - VK6RST Mt Barker
5.7G TX only - 5.76046G - VK6RSP Wireless Hill (Perth)
10G TX only - 10.36846G - VK6RPH Walliston (Perth)
10G TX only - 10.36846G - VK6RSP Wireless Hill (Perth)
10G TX only - 10.36850G - VK6RBS Busselton
10G TX only - 10.368564G - VK6RST Mt Barker
24G TX only - 24.04846G - VK6RSP Wireless Hill (Perth)


The Repeater in this area is
VK6RAV - 147.875 MHz - Crows Nest

 Whiteman Park - Perth

Northern Corridor Radio Group (Inc.)
PO Box 244, North Beach, WA 6920
Club Callsigns - VK6ANC - VK6WPR

VK6RNC - 146.625 -
VK6RNS - 439.925
Keith Bainbridge VK6XH 08 9279 4923 -

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month 7.30pm
and Sunday mornings 8.30am till early pm.
Meeting Location:
The club premises are located at Whiteman Park Equestrian Centre.
Entrance from Gnangara Rd.
Follow the track to the right and you will find the clubhouse.
Please close the gate after you, at weekends.
With the building of "Ham Heaven" at Whiteman Park
the NCRG is keen to provide a place to operate AR for all
those who are tied by building restrictions at their home QTH's.
NCRG run the Perth Hamfest every year.

Upcoming Events
HAMFEST  Sunday August 3rd  2008

We welcome new members
and encourage all to take part actively in AR and
we provide a station for those who just can't do it from home.

"We are the most radio-active group in Western Australia,
taking part in all major international contests
and providing a top class contest station for all members to operate,
while still providing a fun and social atmosphere to all who participate."

Seanet 2002 WA

VK6WIE  - VK6RIC - 146.875 - VK6RAR - 439.950

Perth Group Secretary: Jim VK6JP - 08-9364-1779
Email:  vk6wicen
Publicity: VK6PO - 08-9341-3939
 Meetings: are held on the 2nd Monday of most months
at Villa 9, 75 Beasley Road  LEEMING  WA  6149
The AGM is in May.
 Membership is free, there is no joining fee and no subscription
Metropolitan coverage is by the 2 Metre band
using either a local repeater and / or
WICEN's own portable repeater VK6RIC operating on 146.875/146.275MHz or
the WICEN 70cm repeater on 439.950/434.950MHz.
On Wednesday evenings on 80 metres 3.600 MHz at 20.00, 8pm + or - QRM
and 146.750 at 20.30 hours, 8.30pm local time.
Note: If the frequencies are busy at net time Jim will move, to 146.700 MHz
or the last move being to the local WICEN Repeater on 146.875 MHz.
Anyone may join in on either net.
The net controller will welcome any enquiries.
Training activities: currently these are confined to the support of
community based sports activities such as the
City to Surf Fun Run, and car rallies.
Volunteers for these activities are always welcome.
WICEN WA welcomes expressions of interest from
all amateur radio operators, whatever their area of interest may be,
particularly in packet radio and from metropolitan and country amateur radio clubs.


Web page:
Secretary: Richie Bright, 475 Crawford Rd Dianella WA - Phone: 08-9276-6936
Newsletter Editor: Larry Rice VK6CP  -

OTHER GROUPS that meet in Perth

 ALARA - YL Luncheon Group - Perth
 12 noon every last Wednesday of the Month except December
 At the Bayswater Hotel, Railway Parade, Bayswater.
contact for more information
 Poppy VK6YF -
November 2003            -           June 2004

November 1999

 Perth Old Timer's Luncheon Group
 12 noon every second Tuesday of the Month except January
At the Bayswater Hotel, Railway Parade, Bayswater.
opposite the Bayswater train station.

February 2004
 Have you held your amateur licence for 25 years
 become a member of the
Radio Amateur Old Timers Club
 or if you have reached 10 years become an associate member
come to lunch and see the vk6 secretary
 you get the Old Timers News magazine twice a year
 and a Broadcast on the first Monday of every month except January.

contact for more information
VK6CW Clem:
VK6PW Ray:

 Amateur's meet with CB'ers
On a Sunday morning
a couple of times a year
at the
 Wireless Hill - BBQ
contact for more information
VK6HRB Ron -

April/May & October/November
Info. on the VK6 News nearer the time.

OTHER GROUPS who meet in Perth or in WA

In Perth  - in fact all over the world
boys and girls of all ages
meet and learn many things
including amateur radio
for more information contact
your local or group
or the
Branch Commissioner Communications and Technology
Scout Association of Australia
WA Branch

Bob Bristow - Mobile phone 0438-910-200

 Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) on October 18th - 19th 2008

Please add your Group's Details to this list  
Information requested is
 Meeting day-date-time-venue,
 including nearest cross roads (for visitors to your area)
 Phone number & Email Address
 An Information Page about your group
 Your Groups Website (URL) for a link
Send information to Christine:    vk6zlz

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