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Western Australia VK6 - NewsWest - Helpline by Roy

Surplus Amateur Equipment & Amateur Radio Assistance
NewsWest - Broadcast Weekly by VK6WIA in Perth at
9.30am on Sunday after the WIA National News VK1WI at 9am WST.
Originating on 146.700, & re-broadcast on 3.582, 7.075, 10.125, 14.116 beaming North, 21.185, 29.120, 50.150, 53.800, 438.525Khz &
VHF/UHF & CB frequencies also on
the WA Repeater network & internet.

Contact Roy VK6XV Phone & Fax on 08-9571-0614
Email: royshelpline
To assist - please put - HELPLINE - in the Email “subject” block
The Helpline Service is for Radio Amateurs & Shortwave Listeners.
Caveat Emptor - "let the buyer beware"
The information about items for disposal is broadcast in good faith
from information provided by the seller of the equipment and is in
no way the responsibility of this website. 
In No case, has the equipment been inspected or
independently tested by Roy.  It is the responsibility of the buyer
to thoroughly check the equipment before purchasing.
Helpline is 22 Fathers' Day 1985 was the first issue on NewsWest
HELPLINE is now in its 23rd year of operation and all being well,
will be around for many more years of Service to
Amateur Radio Operators
and other Radio and Electronic Enthusiasts.

Amateur Radio HELPLINE 27th July 2008

Please assist me - by advising me
when your item(s) have been finalized and
if you require me to RE-ADVERTISED your request,
PLEASE re-submit each week as required.
Thanks and 73 Roy VK6XV.

HF Mini beam in good condition,
Rig Expert Standard (or equivalent) digital interface unit
Contact: Norm VK6GOM on 08 9751 4628 (Busselton area)
or email ngomm

(The rig expert is an interface device that connects the
Tcvr to a Computer via an USB port. 
It provides signal processing, application and rig swirtching,
transceiver control for RTTY, PSK, etc modes. 
They have been developed to overcome
the loss of serial ports
in modern computers 
(A keen digital operator may use several serial ports at once).

for loan only,
Handbook with circuit diagram for Sawtron, model KG 107.
Dick VK6TRJ, Phone 08 9307 5654

Tuner  from an Akai TV Set Model 25-90 or similar
Vic VK6VK 08 9725 7617

Harris RF-601A Antenna Coupler with Controller
Harris RF-7210 ALE Auto Link Controller
Harris RF-654-08 HF Receive Multicoupler w/Accessory
Harris RF-3466A HF Modem
Harris RF-901 Phone Patch
Harris RF-590/RF-590A/R-2368 A23 10073-5800 audio boards

Vitrotec 15KOhm 100W clip-on wirewound resistor for AWA ATS-1
Contact Berndt VK5ABN on 0409-008765 or
by email to wulf

EPROM programmer
Laptop Computers suitable for parts
Roy VK6XV  08 9571 0614   email  royshelpline

Kenwood TS520S in good condition with manual
Kenwood TV520 remote VFO Very Good Condition with manual
Kenwood MC50 Desk Microphone       $400.00

Kenwood TS140S good condition with hand mic MC43S
With manual & Original carton        $400.00
All Radios delivered at NCRG Hamfest next weekend 3rd August
Further enquiries to Des VK6HDM mobile 0488 359 470

Atlas 210 with Mobile mount and manual       $250.00
Yaesu FTDX 401 with 6Metre Transverter & all manuals   $350.00
All Radios can be delivered at NCRG Hamfest next weekend 3rd August.
Contact Lewis VK6OI mobile 0409 379 375

For all your Amateur Radio Help
Call Roy VK6XV
Phone & Fax 08 9571 0614
email: - royshelpline

Valve Bank.
A reminder to all that a valve bank is OPEN for business
with numerous strange & rare types :-
how about something like a Cold cathode decade counter or
a UHF triode & many many more..
If you are looking for a valve,
Contact Ron VK6QB on 08 9752 2651 or rbak5

********Sellers beware of Internet fraud********
A popular way of selling things is to use the Internet and this includes
various on-line ham radio classifieds.

Recent reports in Australia and from other countries confirm that a scam
known as `advance fee fraud' is being used to try and rip off those selling
a piece of amateur radio gear.

It works like this:
The seller receives an email response to their advertisement,
telling them to consider the item sold,
and payment will be made by a bank cheque.

But the cheque will be much more than the advertised price of the equipment.
There will be a seemingly plausible reason for this
such as an invoice overpayment or some other ruse.

The seller is asked to return the over-payment to the buyer or another person.
The so-called bank cheque is a fake.
It's a ploy to get the seller to despatch the equipment
plus a refund from the value-less cheque.

This fraud is not confined to on-line classifieds but
sellers in magazines are also being targeted.
Email has helped this and similar scams to proliferate in recent years.
If you experience an attempted `advance fee fraud'
the advice is do not respond, but simply ignore it.

From the WARG Mailing List.
Further to the advice, re. on-line fraud, both the WA Government
and the police are interested in learning of these scams.
There is a telephone "hot-line" and also
a website through which reports can be made.

Ebay also requests immediate notification of any attempt at fraud.
Unless the authorities are notified of these scams they cannot take action
to countermand them.

Telephone Consumer Protection: 1300 30 40 54
(for the cost of a local call from anywhere in WA)
Fax WA ScamNet on: 08 9282 0862

Alternatively, post any letter scams you receive
direct to WA ScamNet (no stamp required):
WA ScamNet - Consumer Protection, Reply Paid 64772,
Locked Bag 14, Cloisters Square, Western Australia 6850.

I have reported one pyramid-style scam
via this system and it does seem to work,
if scams and frauds are not reported then no action can be taken.
It's up to everyone who gets any mail or email
"offers" which are obviously scams, to take action.

Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network Inc..
see attached notice requesting assistance
in case of emergencies.
or Contact   Jim Preston VK6JP   vk6wicen

A letter to all WA amateur radio operators .doc
A form for offering assistance - in times of EMERGENCY .doc

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