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Western Australia VK6 - Minutes this Month - 4th December 2004
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Western Australian Division
Minutes of the SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING called to WIND UP the Division, subsequent to the forming of the National WIA

Meeting held the 4th December 2004 at CWA House, Hay Street West Perth

Chairman: Neil Penfold VK6NE (President)
Minute Secretary Cliff Bastin VK6LZ (Vice President)
Motion Proposed Robyn Edwards VK6XRE
Motion Seconded Roy Watkins VK6XV (Secretary)

56 Financial Members attended the meeting, and 38 proxies were carried.

Results of Motions put to the Special General Meeting
held to Decide on the Future of the Division on Saturday the 4th December 2004

Number    IN FAVOUR (Yes) Number AGAINST (No) RESULT (Carried/Failed)
ONE (Needs 75%)    92(97.9%)                        2(2.1%)                     CARRIED)

MOTION TWO Only if Motion one is LOST Not Required
MOTION THREE Only if Motion one is LOST Not Required

That The Wireless Institute of Australia, Western Australian Division (Inc)
and surplus funds be distributed equally between:
The WA VHF Group, WARG, and NCRG.
Moved: Robyn Edwards VK6XRE, Seconded: Roy Watkins VK6XV.

If Motion No. 1 is NOT CARRIED then:
That the Association known as the Wireless Institute of Australia Western Australian Division (Inc) change it’s name to Amateur Radio Western Australia Incorporated.
Moved: Robyn Edwards VK6XRE, Seconded: Roy Watkins VK6XV.

If Motion No 1 is NOT CARRIED and Motion No. 2 is CARRIED then:
That the Rules of Association (Constitution), attached, be accepted as the
Rules of Association for Amateur Radio Western Australia Incorporated.
Moved: Robyn Edwards VK6XRE, Seconded: Roy Watkins VK6XV.

were Terry Leitch VK6ZLT and Tony Savory VK6TS

1. Preparation
The meeting was called to order at 1010 hours by the Divisional President VK6NE Neil Penfold who gave an overview of the proposed procedure to be followed and asked for all proxy forms to be lodged with the Secretary.

He explained that as the previous vote to wind up the Division was so close to the 75% required, Council had decided to revisit the motion to wind up, before proceeding to change to a Club.

Don VK6HK queried as to how Proxy Forms left to the decision of the Carrier were to be handled, it was noted that for motion One, all had a clear direction.

Will VK6UU asked how the Division (or Club) could continue financially if it was decided not to wind-up?

Bruce VK6OO (The Treasurer) said that members would have to contribute (a membership fee).

Wally VK6KZ pointed out that the proposed agreement with the National WIA would lapse if the Division did not wind-up or change to a club and the Division would still be responsible for Insurance, Licenses, and awards etc.

Robyn VK6XRE explained that Council expected the agreement to become valid again if the Division was to wind-up or become a club.

2. At 1020 The President asked for speakers for or against Motion No. 1
Robyn VK6XRE then spoke to the first motion: The majority of members (at the August SGM) wanted the Division to wind-up, therefore the motion is again put, there appears to be no interest in another Perth based club.

Will VK6UU pointed out that we will have financial commitments if we don’t wind-up as the agreement (with the National WIA) will lapse and we will have no financial base unless people join.

Cliff VK6LZ confirmed that the Insurance Policies covering the Affiliated Clubs were current until August 2005,

Wally VK6KZ urged members to vote strongly for winding-up, as members (of the National body) would have direct access to the Board, and via the new WIA Advisory Committee (which is currently comprised of the current Divisional Council). He reinforced Will’s comments above and urged people to get behind the existing clubs in WA.

3. Further Discussion
The President Neil VK6NE recognised the work of the many volunteers over the years, and briefly spoke to the history of Amateur Radio in Western Australia and the Division.

He commented that there appeared to be more candidates for the Morse exam since it had become non-compulsory.

The Foundation Licence Curriculum was progressing well with several WIA members in the East talking with the ACA.

He mentioned that Alan Jordon who had retired from a senior position with the ACA some years ago was now employed on a casual basis to help the ACA with Amateur Radio matters.

The 136 KHz band appears to be in the offing.

Returning to the subject of voluntary workers, Neil asked how we should acknowledge them?

Mal VK6LC wanted past divisional volunteers to be recognised in a letter of appreciation or certificate in the event of winding-up the Division.

Wally VK6KZ said that every person present has contributed to the strength and development of the Division.

Peter VK6TVI suggested that a letter should be placed in AR thanking past and present volunteers.

Will VK6UU wanted to know how the Advisory Committee would be funded and how often would it meet?

Wally VK6KZ pointed out that since the National body had requested the Advisory Committees, they must fund them.

Don VK6HK had read that the VK4 Committee had been given a cheque book.

Phil VK6SO asked if the clubs would be able to send a delegate to the Advisory Committee meetings?

Neil VK6NE said that the details would be discussed at the next Council meeting in January (Council meetings would have to continue for a short time if the decision was to wind-up).

Meanwhile VK6XV assisted by VK6BDO had checked the 40 Proxy Forms for Financial Membership and Validity. Two were declared invalid (one not signed and one non-financial). The 57 Names in the Attendance book were also checked for Financial Membership and one was found to be not financial.

Therefore the valid number of votes will be 38 plus 56 or a total of 94.

4. Motion No. 1 (to wind-up the Division) was then put to the meeting and was Carried - (see details at the top of these Minutes).

A radio club began in Perth WA in 1913,
the VK6 Division was actually incorporated in 1927.

Motions 2 and 3 were therefore not required

5. The Next Council Meeting is on the 4th January 2005 in this Building.

6. The Special General Meeting closed at 1104 hours

EX-Members then had Tea/Coffee, Biscuits and socialized.

VK6NE President                               VK6LZ Minute Secretary              
E & OE

These pictures were taken by Will VK6UU using Christine VK6ZLZ's camera.

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