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Weather satellite images recorded in Houston, TX, USA

Latitude: 29.830, Longitude: -95.330

Software: WXtoImg version 2.11.2 beta

Receiver: R139

Antenna: WX-137Q Turbo-Tenna

Click on any image below for a full sized image. Times are shown in Central Daylight Time.

Composite images created in 2012 can be found here.

A project continuously run by WØMM since 2010. Webpage courtesy of qsl.net

More APT images can be found on Facebook in a group called Satellite APT Group

The next satellite pass over Houston, TX, will be NOAA 15 on 16 Jun 19:42 local time (17 Jun 00:42 UTC) northbound at a maximum elevation of 37° E

Next Scheduled Satellite Passes over Houston, TX, USA

Start of Pass Time Available Direction Maximum Elevation
Degrees (East or West)
UTC Local Time* UTC Local Time*
NOAA 15 17 Jun 00:42 16 Jun 19:42 17 Jun 00:59 16 Jun 19:59 137.62
NOAA 19 17 Jun 03:52 16 Jun 22:52 17 Jun 04:10 16 Jun 23:10 137.10
NOAA 18 17 Jun 05:02 17 Jun 00:02 17 Jun 05:21 17 Jun 00:21 137.9125
NOAA 15 17 Jun 14:42 17 Jun 09:42 17 Jun 14:59 17 Jun 09:59 137.62
NOAA 19 17 Jun 16:20 17 Jun 11:20 17 Jun 16:38 17 Jun 11:38 137.10
NOAA 18 17 Jun 17:29 17 Jun 12:29 17 Jun 17:49 17 Jun 12:49 137.9125
NOAA 15 18 Jun 01:55 17 Jun 20:55 18 Jun 02:13 17 Jun 21:13 137.62
NOAA 19 18 Jun 03:40 17 Jun 22:40 18 Jun 03:58 17 Jun 22:58 137.10

* local time is Central Daylight Time.

About the Enhancements

This page shows just several of the 35 enhancements WXtoImg provides:

MSA Multi-Spectral Analysis: combines a sensor 1 or 2 (visible/near infrared) image with a sensor 4 (thermal infrared) image to create a near true color, near visible image of the earth.
MCIR-precip Map Colored IR with Precip: uses sensor 4 (thermal infrared) to create a false colored image showing areas of likely precipitation. The likelihood and intensity of precipitation increases as the color goes from green to yellow to orange to red to black to white.
SST (sea) Sea Surface Temperature: creates a false colored image using the temperatures from a sensor 4 (thermal infrared) image. The black areas indicate land and cold cloud.
HVCT HVCT false color: creates a false colored image by combining a sensor 1 or 2 (visible/near infrared) image with a sensor 4
image (thermal infrared) to create an image in which clouds are tinted by their temperature.
Thermal Thermal: creates a false colored image using the temperatures from a sensor 4 (thermal infrared) image. Covers the full range of temperatures from very cold cloud tops to hot deserts.
Pristine These are images as as they come from the satellite without alteration. The earth appears "upside down" on Northbound passes.
The two images are the two channels sent by the satellite with channel A (left) switching between sensor 1 (visible) or 2 (near-IR)
during the day and sensor 3 (mid-IR) at night and channel B (right) showing sensor 4 (thermal-IR) at all times during
normal operation.

Worldwide Satellite Image links (some stations may not be on line anymore)

North America
South America

Savanna, IL*

LW1DJL, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trebes, France

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KO4BEP, Fayetteville, NC*

Villa Elisa, Argentina*


Hideaway, Durrus, Ireland

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Les Avirons, Réunion Island

Mareeba, Australia

Plymouth, MA

YV5DSL, Caracas, Venezuela*


Sidmouth UK *

Matsumoto, Japan

Canary Island


Riverside, Tasmania, Australia

NJ9Y, Barrington, IL*

CA3SOC, Santiago, Chile*


Wilthen, Germany

HS1JZV, Bangkok, Thailand

VK6NAD, Australia

CX3CA, Montevideo, Uruguay

PY2MMK, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Coccau, Italy

Suoi Tien, Vietnam*


Quatre Bornes, Mauritius Island*

- 2nd link -

Brisbane, Australia*


N2PKT, Sewell, NJ

Quito - Guayaquil, Ecuador*


Oxstedt, Germany

Kochi, Japan

Eden Park, Victoria, Australia

Potomac Falls, VA*


Nimbus Weather, Uruguay


F2FT, Cassis, France

Tokyo, Japan


Coonabarabran, Australia


Colebrook, CT

NP3OD, San Juan, Puerto Rico*


Payerne, Switzerland

Tokushima, Japan


Somerset, Tasmania, Australia*


Tobaccoville, NC

Mendiolaza, Argentina*


Moscow, Russia

Habikino, Japan*


Brisbane, Australia
Wausau, WI

Apucarana, Brazil*


Parkstad, Netherlands

Nara, Japan



ZL4CE, Dunedin, New Zealand


Ponchatoula, LA,*


LU8FJH, Rosario, Argentina (off) Eichstadt, Germany*

Okha, Sakhalin (Russia)*



VA3ROM, Thunder Bay, ONT, Canada*


LU7DRR, Buenos Aires, Argentina* (discontinued)

IV3ONZ, Redipuglia, Italy

Pune, India



KC9S, Sullivan, IL*


Mexico, Mexico City


Fevik, Norway*

Colombo, Sri Lanka


KA7OEI, West Jordan, UT*

Valinhos, Brazil


Ferndown, Dorset, UK*

Kfar Saba, Israel


N6EML, Sherwood, OR

Warsaw, Poland

Sebastopol, CA

Thessaloniki, Greece

San Francisco, CA*

Harghita, Romania

NF6P, Bakersfiled, CA


Tampere, Finland

Port Alberni, BC*

Lom, Norway

N5RFX, Arlington, TX*


Penzberg, Germany*

Eugene, OR

Wuppertal, Germany

* Pristine images available


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