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If you are within a few miles of me, try contacting me on...

146.520 MHz (CSQ)

Mainly when I am mobile, I am very often monitoring the above frequency, so if you
notice that I am located within a few miles of where you are, feel free to try
giving me a call for a quick QSO or at least to make a contact.

While mobile, I could also be contacted when in range of the following repeaters...
145.290-/100.0 in Wales | 146.610-/107.2 in Franklin | 146.775-/192.8 in Marshfield
146.805-/82.5 in Dedham | 147.105+/103.5 in Brownville | 147.135+/103.5 in Brunswick
147.180+/123.0 in Farmington | 147.255+/114.8 in Gardiner | 147.270+/136.5 in Knox

Also on DMR-MARC using the Talkgroup/Channel, "3123 / Maine Statewide".

For non-hams, I also tend to monitor...
* CB Channel 19 (27.185 Mhz AM) ...call for DANO
* MURS Channel 1 (151.820/192.8 Mhz FM) ...call for DANO
* GMRS Channel 17 (462.600/77.0 Mhz FM) ...call for WQPY804

Please note that my APRS tracking is via my cell phone so if I happen to be traveling
with a friend or other family members, I may not even have a transceiver with me.

My primary SSID is simply W1DLO
which is linked above.

Other active and inactive SSIDs I have are...
W1DLO-2 (XYL/YF) | W1DLO-10 (Home)

If you'd like to view other SSIDs
around the Bangor area, click here

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