Amateur Radio WB3GCK QRP ARCI Spring QSO Party -
April 2002

Craig LaBarge, WB3GCK


My XYL and I had made plans to take our pop-up camper to Lum's Pond State Park in Delaware for our first camping trip of the 2002 season. A few days before the trip, I posted messages to both QRP-L and EPA-QRP-L to let folks know I would be on the air from Delaware. In response, several people pointed out that my planned trip coincided with the QRP ARCI Spring QSO Party. A few folks asked if I would be on the air during the contest to hand out Delaware QSOs. Quite often, Delaware isn't represented during these contests.

I originally planned to work one or two hours each day during the contest and go fishing for the rest of the day. Well, the weather wasn't great (and neither was the fishing). So, I would up on the air for about 7 hours during the contest.

During the contest, I used my trusty SW-40 and one of KD1JV's MS-15 rigs; both transceivers were adjusted for 950mW out. My antenna was the usual "Pop-up Vertical" strapped to the side of the camper.

My score didn't break any records, for sure. I managed to accumulate about 45 QSOs in the log. Not too bad for 950mW and not operating on 20 meters, I guess. I found myself running out of stations to work on 40 and 15 meters. Anyway, I had alot of fun handing out Delaware as a multiplier for folks. For this contest, I also operated as part of the EPA-QRP Team. Working Utah on 40 meters with my modest portable station was also quite a thrill.

Prior to the contest, I made a few contacts on 30 and 40 meters. For 30 meters, I used my little SST-30 with a whopping 2 watts out.

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WB3GCK working 40M CW

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Operating position

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Antenna can be seen at the front corner of the camper

Contest Results Summary:

 ______ ________ _______			
| BAND | POINTS | S/P/C | 
| 160  |        |       |     
|  80  |        |       |
|  40  |  174   |   17  |   
|  20  |        |       |   
|  15  |   32   |    5  |
|  10  |        |       |        
|   6  |        |       |       
|Totals|  206   |   22  |     

Total   X   Total   X   Power   +   Bonus   =   Final
Points      S/P/C       Mult        Points      Score

  206   X    22     X    10     +      0    =   45,320




ANTENNA(S): 24-FT Homebrew Vertical mounted on camper								

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