Ham Radio Programs
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        List of Programs and Databases that you may Download from following Web site:

        RYLogit          - Ham Radio Logging Program.  If WWHAMDB and/or FCCDB is installed, they will be
                                   used when the Call Letter field is completed.  (Be sure to read the User Guide before using)
        WWHAMDB    - Database of IBM Hams.  4-14-2019 Update
        DB-ADIF         - Generates ADIF File of RYLogit Logged entries.
        FCCDB           - Database of Hams from the FCC ULS Database.  4-7-2019 Update .
        FCCDBUtility - Utility program to view the contents of the FCCDB per call letter entered.
        RigControl     - ICOM 756-PRO Control Program via ICOM CI-V Port & RS-232 PC Port.
        SWLRigCntr  - ICOM 756-PRO Scans supplied Database of SW Stations to set the Receiver to those
                                   Frequencies via ICOM CI-V Port & RS-232 PC Port.
                                   Note that older models of ICOM rigs will work with the above 2 programs.
                                   Not sure of anything newer than the 756-PROIII.
        CalendarTime - Displays on your PC Screen a Window containing a Calendar and Local plus UTC Times.


The above "Install" exe files can be stored in any location you want on your PC.
When you execute, each of the above will ask where you want the resulting File(s) saved and
DB-ADIF, FCCDB, & FCCDBUtility must be installed so that they all reside in the
same Folder on your PC
The other programs can be stored in the suggested default location or wherever you would like.

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