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 List of    IBM World-Wide Amateur Radio Operators

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Saturday  14.347.0  Mhz  USB, QRM adjustment if needed.

Also, look for us on the WA2IBM ECHOLINK conference on
Saturday during and approximately
30 minutes after the start of the SSB NET.
See the Time below -----

NOTE:  New time
A change to the times of the Saturday and Wednesday Nets by 30 minutes and keep the times fixed by Local time NOT UTC.  In other words, the Net times will remain the same Local time despite Daylight Savings Time changes in some geographies.  


The Saturday Net on 14.347 will be 11:30 AM (ET), 10:30 AM (CT), 9:30 AM (MT), and 8:30 AM (PT).
EchoLink at approximately 30 minutes after the above times or sooner if the
HF propagation is not good.

Don't have a receiver?   Listen on the Internet via Web SDR at  and listen on 14.347 USB.


The Wednesday Net on EchoLink will be 8:30 PM (ET), 7:30 PM (CT), 6:30 PM (MT), and 5:30 PM (PT).
Wednesday Net on EchoLink has been suspended for the time being.


Use EchoLink on a PC, tablet, or smart phone and connect to WA2IBM.


ECHOLINK VoIP Free Software

Groups    Search for Echolink group

EchoLink Conference server for IBMHAMS :   WA2IBM

To request Updates to the IBM WWHAM Database, contact Roger W7LZ - .  To Subscribe to the IBMHAM email reflector contact Dave K0VH -, or Dick KF5SA - .  

Note: Change # to @ in email addresses on this page.


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