The Reading Radio Club
ARRL Affiliated since Feb 17th 1922
RRC Simplex Test
Every Month (Usually), we will hold what we call a Simplex Test.  It's the 2nd Saturday of the month.

It's held on 146.55 at 1 pm and then 440.00 MHZ right after that.

The purpose is to test our equipment and see how far we can reach without the repeater.
Each month the Net Control operates from a different location.   Sometimes, there are even different net controls.

After the net, operators are invited to contact each other so they can achieve their Pagoda Award (See The Pagoda Award under the Activities Tab).  

Any licensed Operator is welcome to check in.

We start with a roll call and then call for anyone not on the roll call list.

This not only helps the net control know who can and can't hear him and who he can/can't hear but also those opeators participating get an idea of how far their setup is reaching both listening and transmitting.   

Grab your handheld, mobile, or base unit and check in.

Mark Abramowicz, NT3V is in charge of the monthly Simplex Test.