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ARRL Affiliated February 17 ,1922


Welcome to the Smota information page for the Reading Radio Club.

SMOTA stands for Simplex Meeting On The Air.

We as a club are trying to hold a SMOTA once a month in Berks County, but the practice Simplex meeting is for ANYONE that can hear and respond to the Net. This net usually only lasts approx. 35 minutes. (check out the Pagoda award page).

The usual meeting frequency is 146.550, 2 meters, FM.

We get together on radio on Saturday afternoon at 1300 hours. We are trying to include as many Hams as possible using your radio whether it be your base, mobile, or HT units. The net controller travels around Berks county to different mountain tops, hill tops, or just stays at home to see who can hear and respond to check out their radios. An assistant is usually at their quarters listening and writing down the call signs of those that respond. This allows us to have a running roster to call the next time there is a SMOTA. Also, if when calling names off the roster, the call sign is missed for 10 times, we will not continue calling that callsign. The very first meeting was 29 February 2020. A SMOTA has been held almost every month since then. The highest count we ever had was 42 members call in. that is over 50% of the whole Reading Radio Club membership. The average count for 8 months has been 33% of our members. That is something to be proud of. A few were not members, but the overall count is impressive.

This type of radio use is valuable for each member to have the knowledge of how well their radios work at distances and locales. To include how the power of your radio affects the distance you can transmit to. There are so many more factors using your radios to different locations to include the terrain, buildings, power lines, propagation, weather, QRM, QRN and many other factors..

If there are any Hams out there that would like to be the Net controller for a SMOTA, please let me know and we can set up running the net from your location to see how it works with the rest of our members/guests.

This service is also invaluable in case something happens to our Grid. If power goes out, we may have to be the emergency communications group that help people all over the area in any situation, to include the EMS, ie; Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc.

Upcoming SMOTAS will be changing constantly. In the upcoming SMOTAS we will use Battery ONLY to run the net and ask that others use BATTERY POWER ONLY to respond. This includes a mobile, HT, or even solar. This will really limit the distance that can tested. You may even have to go outside the front door with your HT to be heard. This will be announced on a Friday night NET, the Bulletin, and the web site. Maybe even E mail for those that get E mail through the club.

If you are interested, just stay tuned to the nets, the bulletin, and word of mouth on the radio.

Ron W, K3RJW, Net Controller,

Joe P. AC3DI, Asst Net Controller


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