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** Re-name your current CabEvaluator.exe before updating, for BU. ** Microsoft doesn`t ship WinHelp32 with new OS; see the FAQ page. ** To use new updates, you must have at least v3.0 installed. ° The 1990`s VB Windows Installer was replace by JGS DeployMaster. ° Note: The install and update folder is set to c:\CabEvaluator, unless you change it, which you can do by clicking [Advanced Options Installation], but remember to change it each time you get an update. 03/2024 v3.72 ° Increased DIM for number of QSOs in logs. ° Sponsor specific changes. 10/2023 v3.71 ° Sponsor specific changes and additions. 08/2023 v3.71 ° Added routine to do a single-band scoring summary. ° Fixed summary text written to results file. ° Added code specific to BSB VHF Contest. ° Summary changes for LABRE SP QRS10. ° Changes to African International DX Contest scoring. ° MARCONI-DAY specific changes and other QSO party changes. ° Added setup for the Cabrillo Files List - Ini Options menu. ° Sponsor specific changes and additions. 10/2022 v3.69 ° Summary changes for several contests. ° More Help file topics. ° Rules changes for MARCONI-DAY. 08/2022 v3.68 ° Fixed non-zero QSO point logs to have the Cabrillo submissions bonus added. 03/2022 v3.67 ° Added more options to the Ini Options form. ° More sponsor specific changes and additions. ° Added a weight values lookup file function to the grid-to-grid distance scoring. 09/2021 v3.66 ° Changed default Help file format to HTML. ° Updated SCC RTTY and EU HF Championship Help topic index. ° Sponsor specific changes and typo fixes. v3.62 to v3.65 -2021- ° Several sponsors` specific changes and rules. v3.58 to v3.61 -2020- Re-worked the Help menus. Added "Separate HIGH LOW power" to Table1. It breaks the summary file into High and Low text files. Finalized the W/VE Islands QSO Party scoring. Sponsor specific changes, plus updated the Table2 outputs for more contests. v3.53 to v3.57 -2019- Sponsor specific changes. Added a second output file to the `Write all QSOs with station` procedure. Changes to WFDA-WFD bonus points - for total score. Options Ini setup changes. v3.52 to v3.53 -2018- Sponsor specific changes. Added "Name" tag to the Table1 setup. The QSO Party Stats Ini file wasn`t being saved. Fixed. `Summary`,`Write all QSOs with Station` selectable option to output multiple station results in one summary file. Added X-QSO: tag change to the Options Ini setup; runs during log re-format. Changes to the Tools procedure and re-formatter; hidden ASCII 160 characters are replaced with normal <Spaces>. Changed {Cabrillo Files list} QTH sent # Char to the {Other lookup} field value. v3.45 to v3.51 -2017- Sponsor specific changes. Now the position of a minimized main screen will not be stored on program exit. Fixed `not scored as mult` text error; wrong variable introduced by mistake. Added function to limit WPX PFX characters to n, selected in the WPX setup. Ex: call R7378TM, n=3, PFX would be R73. Requires some code for new contests. Send me a sample log and the contest rules. Added code to score 0 points when a station logs himself. Changed the variable that was writing "time delta" in CC by mistake. Added `WPX by DXCC` multipliers - only WPX mults for 1 country are scored. v3.38 to v3.44 -2016- Added the "Auto write Overall summary" option to the Options Ini setup, that writes the needed overall summary before UBNs are written. Added the "Write combined UBN and score summary" option to the Options Ini setup. Use the Ini Options menu and select the upper right options. Added the `Mode Summary` heading to the Table1 preferences setup. The heading is placed at the bottom of the table without a column #. In Cross Check the "delta time" variable needed to be set to NULL after a NIL was found. VB has a limited number of menu items. The main form menu structure was changed and the `View Data files` menu was removed. Added more functions to fix logs with hidden characters and EOL errors. Non-scoring results files are not added to the `View Results files` menu. Sponsor specific changes. Added more rows in the Table1 Summary setup (16 now). Turning Off CC will prevent selection of "Do only CC, no scoring". Added more `headings` to the Table1 Summary output setup. Added option in CC to verify NILs due to busted calls in other station`s log. If busted call the log being scored does not get NIL. Use the N=2 (or N=3) QSO rule to score the busted calls as 0-points. Sponsor specific changes. Added a function to run only Cross Checking. Added more `headings` to the Table1 Summary output setup. Added more checks for invalid characters like ASCII 127 blocks and <Tabs> to the Log Tools function. Both can shift the data columns, which affects scoring and cross checking. Changed the N-QSO rule setup to a selectable value, not just 2 or 3. Added a second setup for electronic submission bonus added to the total score. Added extra QSO points function for unique callsigns and unique exchanges. Added {score X constant} function, where constant can be # QSOs. v3.37 -2015- The {Help} menu in each form now opens the HTML {.chm} help file - when this option is selected in the {Help} menu of the main form. The WinHelp32 format (.hlp) is still selectable if it is supported by your OS. CQMM DX (CWJF) rules changes. SA WPX mults are hard coded to per band, while the standard multiplier selector is per log. School Club Roundup summary changed to include Digital (RY) QSOs. v3.32 - v3.36 -2014- Sponsor specific changes. Added function that multiplies the total score by a constant for working a bonus station at least 1 time. Added scoring for specific length exchange data. Not specified length = 0 points. Changes to improve the WPX scoring function for calls with more than 2 consecutive numerals, like YL2014W, R7378TM. Added contest period scoring - duping and multipliers scored per contest periods. Requires some contest specific code. Send me the rules link and some Cabrillo samples. Sponsor specific changes - A1A CW and UBA DX. Updated the Contest Ini summary printout. Increased the number of batch scored logs to 2000. v3.0 - v3.31 -2013- Sponsor specific changes. Increased DIMension of arrays for invalid callsigns in the 'Validated Calls` function. Added "Single-Mode" scoring of logs, in the Table1 setup. Added the `Modify Logs` menu to the main form. Added `Check Categories` and `Write Cabrillo files list` menus to the Table1 form. Fixed the "Single-Band" heading in the Table1 summary output. Added log date/time sorting in ascending order. Out of order and reverse order logs cause a negative Operator Time. Added more heading fields in the Table1 setup form. Added bonus station QSO points by band and mode. Added QSO Party summary written to 2 files: 1) unique callsigns from submitted logs and 2) unique callsigns that did not submit a log, with activated counties in each file. Added activated counties (and QSO totals) and not activated counties lists to the `in-state County totals` summary. Fixed the {Write Validated Calls} alpha output format. Added setup to Options Ini to output e-mail addresses from a specific Cabrillo tag. Added code to remove TABs and other non-printable characters at the end of Cabrillo header lines in non-compliant log files. TABs can cause errors because they are not trimmed off like the excess spaces. More non-Cabrillo compliant format checking, flags and repair. v3.0 *** Windows 7/8 Windows 7/8 Windows 7/8 *** Win7/8/? version requires a new install regardless of OS. It installs in the same default folder as before; C:\CabEvaluator. Check test logs or past logs to make sure all the scoring functions work properly. v2.74 - v2.77 -2012- Added {Work Only} based on 1 DXCC prefix. Added a variation of QSO points based on mode and lookup file - HIQP. Modified the VHF cross-checking of dupes, some showed as NIL. Added `Created-By` Table1 heading; outputs a tally of the popular logging programs used to create the Cabrillo logs. 08/2012 v2.76 Updated sections.dat file: Ontario changed to 4 new sections. Changed the `State QSO Party` summary to include Cabrillo v3 categories. Help file: While in a sub-form, <F1> now opens the WinHelp32 Help page for that form. 05/2012 v2.75 Sponsor specific changes to UKSMG, CQ VHF, EPC and SCR. 02/2012 v2.74 Added 2 additional columns to the re-format and modify functions for some logs. Improved the VHF (rover QSOs) cross-checking accuracy and speed. Added the `Op time` heading in the Table1 summary that calculates the operating time. v2.69 - v2.73 -2011- Changes to the Table1 State QSO Party summaries. Changed specific sponsor output filenames. New Table1 summary outputs. Sponsors can request `specific` summary outputs that resemble their web page contest results, for easier implementation. Added tic-marks and/or column values in the `Modify Columns` and `Swap columns` forms to visually check the column format of all logs; use the up/down arrows. Added a new Table1 summary output. Select `State QSO Party` in the setup at any position, (no column ID needed). If this heading is in the list, only this summary is output. Added more information to the `Write Cabrillo files List`; Sent QTH and City State, so you don`t need to open the log files to verify `home` status. ex: N2AAA.log ERI ERI BUFFALO, NY; this log will not score as a New York station, since LOCATION: is ERI, a county abbreviation; must be `NY` or a section: NNY,WNY,ENY,NLI. Fine tuning of the Table1 headings for categories. Added Category-v3 to capture Cabrillo v3.0 categories. Added a default State QSO Party summary setup, for easier setup. Added code to allow different County and Province abbreviation spelling in state QSO Parties. Requires editing county and multiplier lookup files. ex: GRAY=GRA=GRAYS=Grays Harbor Added option to select changing spaces in the `Alpha` and `Table1` summaries to '_' so Excel puts this text in one cell. Added `selector` to score DXCC mults for only 1 continent. Added a `Number Letter` prefix multiplier scoring funtion; HSKC. Changed the `re-format 1 log` function to be the same as the `re-format all logs` function. Changed the Soapbox output file lookup from the results files to the Cabrillo logs. Added a user selectable Valid-Bands datafile to the band checker. QSOs on bands not in the look-up file score 0-points. Modified the `Write All QSOs with station` summary. Callsigns with / caused a file write error. Added an Ini setup form to handle new options and some existing ones that were previously added manually to the Ini file. Added Mobile/Rover activated counties bonus points setup to the Options Ini form in State QSO Parties. Was previousy hard-coded by contest name. Tool added to semi-auto add State/Prov/DX to missing LOCATION: or ARRL-SECTION: tags in Cabrillo. This field is needed for scoring and summary printouts. Use `File`, `Sponsor setup, `Modify Logs`, `Fill in Cabrillo State/Prov` menu. Added `by Mode` option to Bonus Points setup; scores points for working a bonus station per mode; CW PH and RY. Modified the band checker to score invalid bands (typos or otherwise) as 0-pointers. Updated Help and DXCC datafiles. The number of extra multipliers for working a `special station` can now be more than 1. Added a Log Tools setup to remove hidden block characters, fix missing EOL terminations and remove blank lines from Cabrillo. Modified the `category capture` again; depending on the CATEGORY... tags, was setting the power level to the default; HIGH. v2.64 - v2.68 -2010- Sponsor specific changes. Added `EX` option for Tops Activity extra QSO points. Modified scoring to follow the NAQCC European Sprint rules. Modified the `category capture` routine; MTQP. Minor modifications to the Ini file structure. Added 1 more option line to Extra QSO points setup. Added option for contesters to reformat 1 selected log file, so the default folder c:\CabEvaluator can be used. BARTG-RTTY, DLDC-RTTY and VOLTA-RTTY now use a lookup file {anarts_volta.txt} for QSO points and calculates Q-points based on the exchanged zones. How the total score is calculated using the continent mults is manually selectable in the Ini file. Added swap columns function that reverses 2 adjacent columns of Cabrillo data. Much easier than using Excel + NotePad! Added invalid/not counted QSOs to UBN files; now the totals make more sense. Added a menu to write all UBN summaries for sponsors wishing to upload them to their web site for contester access. Added {Category-Operator} field to the `Summary, Write Cabrillo files list` in addition to the existing {Category} field. Added reformatter code to catch missing or bad END-OF-LOG: tag. This could mean an error occurred during e-mail that could have prevented the entire log from being sent. Minor changes to Table1 summary; finds Category-Operator tag; fixed spelling typo. More fine tuning of QSO Party multiplier verification; un-earned mults from typos or from QSOs with different contest on the same weekend. Modified the re-formatter; was falsely flagging some logs with serial numbers in the last column. Logs were already formatted OK. Added more Ini setup information to the {Write Contest Ini summary} output file to help log checkers de-bug their setup. Added another Mobile QSO points scoring option that adds 1 or 2 points to the mode QSO points when scoring call/M QSOs (WVQP). Added another QSO points by mode option from specific callsign look-up (NHQP, VTQP). Added a Cabrillo log column modifier that adds missing placeholder columns, deletes extra non-compliant columns and fills blank placeholders in existing columns, which is used in conjunction with the column re-formatter already in use. Added a {Convert to Cabrillo} setup to convert some non-Cabrillo text file logs to Cabrillo files. Limited usefulness. v2.61 - v2.63 -2009- Problem resolved: Added routine in State QSO parties (and others) to separate the DXCC multiplier and State/Prov mult scoring. Look-up datafile is {QSO-Party-List.dat} that turns this function ON. When the DXCC prefix and State/Prov abbreviation was the same, a mult was scored for both DXCC and State/Province (Portugal=CT Connecticut=CT is 1 of 8 in question). Changed scoring routines to capture VHF/UHF frequencies when VHF pts/kM scoring is used; which are handled in the HF scoring section. Non-integer per band values can be used in the distance scoring from file lookup. Added hard-coded total score to CDX Brasil PSK. Score = number-Qs X Q-points. Microsoft does not ship WinHelp with the new OS, so my WinHelp file may not open from the Help menu {or F1}. Download Microsoft`s WinHlp32 file. The x64 file is for 64-bit OS and the x86 file is for 32-bit (XP) OS. Or use the selectable option in the Help menu to select HTML help. Added option to use a QSO delta other than 5-min in VHF contests CC. Added `matched QSOs` counter to VHF contests CC routine and added the `matched QSOs` results to the Table1 output. Added points per kM, per VHF/UHF band using text file lookup, in WWL Grid distance scoring {ARAM Concurso and possible new Sprints rules}. Expanded columns in Cabrillo logs summary to include ARRL section. Expanded the {Check Invalid DXCC/State mults} tool; highlights the possible `invalid` DXCC mult in the output file, related to State/RAC Prov exchanges. Added `Power` to the Table1 categories being written; HIGH, LOW, QRP. v2.55 - v2.59 -2008- PAQP: Changed multiplier scoring, summary outputs and datafiles. Modified the BCC-QP $BCC multiplier function and datafile. DEQP changes; scores each call/QRP as a mult. VAQP changes for LOCATION/ARRL-SECTION. Changes to the re-formatter; was looping on a log format error. Modified the invalid QSO function to cover more contests; when `Work Only` lookup is selected. Added setup for SCC-RTTY QSO point scoring of specific DXCC/Call areas. Expanded the `Exchange field` duping function for State QSO Parties; uses the SENT field also so mobiles get credit for working the same stations. Added Certificate Summary output and modified the routine to search for the @ character as well as the normal Cabrillo E-MAIL: tag. More memory and DIMension related changes. Changed the `Validated Calls` summary so lowercase callsigns sort properly. Selectable sort by QSO totals or by alphabet. Added `Country-Text` to the Table1 summary output, to allow sorting on country name in the Excel export; in addition to the existing DXCC prefix sort. Added $1010 function for 10-10 Open Season 10m PSK Contest. Added $BCC multiplier function for BCC-QP Contest. Menu organization and re-structure. VB has a limited number of pull-down menus, and the software is at the limit. Added search/conversion of more diacritic characters; � � �. v2.40 - v2.54 -2007- Added SOSB sorted output and single-band score to the Table1 summary. Added WPX Mult summary and added sorted output of calls worked that did not submit a log. Fixed {By Band} duping; when more than 1 same station dupe, the SW could miss some dupes. Modified the reciprocal callsigns DXCC prefix lookup and WPX type mult lookup. Added DXCC mult check output file, for State QSO sponsors/log checkers. Added code to catch DX callsign exceptions assigned to state-side stations, or stations living in a QTH other than their license country; {DXCC_Exceptions.dat} used. Added `no DXCC mults for /MM QSOs` in GACW WWSA DX Contest. Added option to save and load more than one Cabrillo reformat Ini file. Added Table1 sorting by Country, by Continent, by Band and by `Single-Band`. Added an `Export to Excel` function that writes the Table1 score summary to an Excel worksheet; sorting by Country, Continent etc. In addition to changing the slashed zero � to zero 0, the SW will change some of the non-US keyboard diacritic characters like � and � to A and I before cross checking. SW now writes a detailed UBN report for selected log consisting of dupes, NILs, Uniques, mult/num/RST errors and invalid QSOs. Modified the VHF Contests CC routine to handle same station, same band multiple QSOs (Rover-2-Rover). Added multiplier scoring of VHF/UHF contest Rover category logs using the {Classic Rover} method for Spring Sprints and CQ VHF Contest; in addition to the default {ARRL} method. Added `Change score from CC` in the VHF cross check function. Added second sort criteria for writing score summary files; by Category (High, Low, QRP power) or by Home/DX location using the 2 Ini files setup. All 903 designators changed to 902 in the cross checker. All microwave bands with G designator are changed to just band numbers. SW sets the default folder to the application start-up folder. When files are opened using Explorer while CabEval is running, Windows changed the default folder. Added function to re-start the auto run `Batch` sequence after stopping, rather than starting over at the beginning. Added option to include/not include `Checklog` scores in the `Place Table` output. Added QSO points lookup (code $qsos) that uses lookup from $qsos format file to determine QSO points based on band and mode (HIQP example). Added option to the {Other Mult lookup} function (code U) to count only unique multipliers (ex: member numbers), even though multipliers {by Band} may be in use. Added option (code S#D#) to score QSOs with club members based on their continent. Added dupe by {Exch} option to include the multiplier exchange field in the duping function, which allows proper scoring of mobile/rover QSOs. Modified the multiplier lookup for QSO Party `home states` to count their own state, even though counties were exchanged between `home` stations, not the state. The `home station` multiplier data files need to be updated. Added summary output of DXCC multipliers and `other` multipliers and totals. Added another bonus QSO points lookup function. Callsign lookup from $calls format file is used to add bonus points to the calculated score (NHQP example). Re-format function checks for the � character in the RX mult field and changes it to 0, since � and 0 don`t match in CC. v1.13 - v2.3 -2006- Added user defined summary setup Table2; up to 7 fields are output to text files. Cabrillo log File Open dialog window now has .log and .cbr extensions displayed. When separate folder/paths are set for Cabrillo and results text files, Cabrillo logs with .txt extensions are displayed in addition to the .log and .cbr file extensions. Changed N-QSO rule to catch portable station callsign matches between the log and the list of log filenames. Example: W3KM/5 did not match W3KM-5. Added routine to the Cabrillo column re-format function that changes CALLSIGN: W3KM-5 errors to standard callsign format W3KM/5 and re-writes the Cabrillo. Except for the main screen, upper-right X close is disabled. Use the {Done} button to close forms. Upper-right X still saves the size and position of forms that are re-sized. Added date check in CC routine; dates may be 2 months (Sept 30 to Oct 01) on the same weekend. Added the 2 Ini file auto load function for `Home State` and `non-Home State` log scoring in State QP`s Contest Start date and time are checked during re-formatting and `Batch` runs; prevents scoring logs from previous years. Changed the 3-QSO rule to an N-QSO rule, either N=2 or 3. Added Exceptions look-up from file that loads the `Home` Ini. Compiled in VB5 with a third-party screen resolution re-sizing control. Drag the size of the main screen to fit a 1024 x 768 video format. Use upper-right X to save the screen position and size at application close. This update requires Microsoft`s VB5 run-time files installed on your PC before using this software. The older version v1.23 was the last revision of the older VB4 software. Added option to select different folder/paths to the Cabrillo logs and also a different folder where results, summary files and CC files are saved. Added optional 3-QSO rule function. QSOs with callsigns that are not found in at least 3 logs considered not in the contest and score 0 QSO points and 0 mults. Added a user defined table summary output file; setup your preference for columns. Added option to score the log based on the CC results; NIL and incorrect exchanges score 0 QSO points and 0 mults. Added claimed QSOs, claimed Mults and claimed score to the Table1 summary setup. Added 2-Ini files function: auto load of different Ini profiles during a `Batch` run, based on `Home` or `DX` logs. In contests where serial numbers are in the same field as multipliers, expanded the multiplier cross check field to include numbers and strings; number 001 matches 1. Modified the `Batch` sequencer that runs log checking on all logs received, with optional cross-checking and results output for each log submission. SW now writes a CC summary of all logs evaluated. Added Cabrillo re-formatting function to put submitted logs into the same column format and does some preliminary log checks. New `Extra mults` function allows scoring more than 1 point per DXCC multiplier; based on the band and DXCC country. Added function to allow more than 5 DXCC exceptions to DXCC multipliers; used when scoring callsign prefixes 0-9. Writes Cabrillo Summary files and summary of Ini files. `Help` on each `Extra` form is now available while the form is open. Added `Auto Ini file load` based on the selected Cabrillo file using the <Ctrl> and click function in the files list-box. Use <F7> and click Cabrillo file to search for the next similar file. Added function that outputs a table summary of all evaluations done. Added DXCC/Bands QSO points setup (King of Spain, 9A CW). Modified auto load of `extra` files (re-save your contest Ini files). Added {Extra Points} to the VHF/UHF points section for Rover `/R` QSOs. Added $ and X codes to the Extra QSO points function for contests like TOPS Activity. Added DXCC call areas lookup for QSO point values; SCC RTTY etc. Added function to not count /MM QSOs as multipliers. Added function to multiply QSO point values by a particular band value. Auto load of the secondary `extra` Ini files; after the profile is initially saved with the `extra` files loaded, the `extra` files load when the contest profile is loaded. Added invalid QSO `Pts = 0` to results file. Added a field to multiplier exceptions. Added Extra points functions and added Continent multiplier function; ANARTS RTTY. Added `Extra Mults` setup. Added function to count multiplier and continent QSOs points for portable callsigns; /P. Added a function to count selected DXCC call areas as multipliers from the callsign (Anatolian Contests, JARTS RTTY). Added Continent/Bands QSO points setup (CQ-WPX). Added special code FT to the {Also} QSO points, which sets the point values based on the `first time` exchange data was worked (RSGB-160). Added QSO points from distance between grid squares (Stew Perry). Added Category and Extra QSO points setup. QSO points are derived from QSO exchanged data {category, status, zones or calls/band data}. Added the {Include QSO Points in Eval File} to the results option. Added special codes for {Also} QSO points, ie: C160 (PAQP), CW, DX. v1.0 - v1.12 -2005- Added the {Work Only} lookup function. Dutch PACC example: non-Dutch stations work only Dutch stations; otherwise the QSO is invalid (not counted). Added bonus multiplier setup. ie: QRP = score X5, Low = score X2 etc. Added bonus callsigns setup. ie: working certain RAC callsigns = 20 bonus points. The bonus value is either applied to the QSO points or added lastly to the calculated total. Added more {View} menus. Menu added to save CC ini files to other than the default file {CrossCheck.ini}. Added pop-up messages when over-writing files of different file types. Added pop-up message when loading a file that is not the intended file type. Added `which multiplier` tag and the multiplier to the results file. The `Start of contest` date/time check is now active. Added cross check function and VHF/UHF bands QSO points scoring. v1.0: Cab Evaluator made available to everyone. SW evaluates and scores Cabrillo log files from hundreds of different contests. Written for contest sponsors, but useful for contesters wishing to score their logs before submission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First written in 2000 to score VHF logs submitted by members of our club. Presented to select sponsors for beta testing. PC requirements: Windows OS, 2GB RAM, and processor speeds of >1GHz. Faster is better and multi-core processors are better yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer/Notice: Use my software at your own risk. I write software for Amateur Radio as a fun hobby. Cab Evaluator will not be coded to reduce scores based on a percentage of errors in the submitted log.