Since 2005 my HF antenna is the Buckmaster 7-band OCF dipole. This is a good antenna, the best wire antenna ever!! Very well made and strong enough to last through ice storms, unlike all the HB wire antennas I've tried. Put it up and forget it! When a support tree blew down, only the nylon support rope broke.

This 25 foot high antenna works great on 80m to 6m, and works well on 160m. On the entire 80/75m band the VSWR is less than 2:1. As long as your solid state TX is happy - 1:1 vs 2:1 - you won`t be able to tell the difference. The manufacturer has a recommended installation configuration, but I'm sure it will work fine in any reasonable setup. It is also a good SWL antenna.

The manufacturer also recommends not using a tuner because of the ferrite core balun design, but I use the TS-590S internal tuner on 15m and 160m. Actually without the tuner the VSWR on 15m is less than 3:1 and about 4:1 on 160m at the TX end of the feedline, so the 590 tuner works fine. The balun can handle 300W, so core heating is no problem when using the tuner at 100W - the antenna still works fine since 2005.

Need an antenna for 6m?
The OCF dipole (no tuner) works as good as a 6m dipole and I worked 8-10 grids in many January SS with a 20W transverter.
For 30 years I used a 6m dipole, now I have a Yagi.

My old 80m thru 6m dipole
(160m with a tuner)

Dimensions shown are for 3.75, 7.15 and 14.15 MHz. Start longer and adjust 80m first, then 40 and 20 for best VSWR. The VSWR of this antenna is 1.2:1 at resonance and <3:1 across most of the bands, measured at the transceiver.

This dipole was used on 80-10m with a Kenwood TS-180S solid state rig from 1983 to 1998 with very good results, without a tuner. It worked fine on 6m (9 grids in the Jan SS with 20W). Later I used the IC-751 with an AT-150, which tuned a 1.1:1 match from 160-10m and worked 65 countries in the 2003 ARRL DX PH contest. At 25 feet, this dipole worked good on 160m.

Updated Feb 2020 W3KM