LO for VHFLOG and KM Rover

Transverter LO and IF Offset software (1996)

If you have a radio with the transverter frequency readouts, except for the beacon data called
from VHFLOG, this App has little use.

Throw away your paper notes used to remind you of dial offsets and transverter crystal offsets.

VHFLOG and KM Rover will output IF and offset data on each band. For microwave transverters using locked LOs, the multiplication factor and reference frequency are entered into LO. At the time of the QSO, you read the reference on an accurate VHF counter and enter it into the logger. The exact IF frequency is displayed. Now all you need to do is peak the antenna.

When asked to go to .165 on a band for example, you enter F165 into the logger and the IF for .165 will be displayed for that band. Keep track of your favorite beacons and display the beacon indicated dial frequency while logging.