W3KM - PRNet - Net Control Revs
     PRNet - Net Control Logger Revisions

08/2021 v2.52 ° Add another summary output, data single spaced. 10/2020 v2.51 ° Added summary file write without bearings option. The menu appeared in v2.5, but didn't work correctly. 10/2020 v2.5 ° Updated Help files. 05/2017 v2.4 ° Now the position of a minimized main screen will not be stored on program exit. 10/2016 v2.3 ° Added an error trap in the `Set Path to browser` screen. 08/2016 v2.2 ° Removed the auto update of the vhf4k.adi file. If the check-in line had the wrong format (6-digit not last on the line), an error 6-digit was written. ° Select summary file in Miles, kM or Neither in the Options menu. 04/2016 v2.2 ° The NETCONT.ROL record being edited remains selected after edit. ° Added ADIF file view/edit menu. 03/2015 v2.1 ° Writes a text file summary of the selected check-in file. ° Select summary output file Miles or kM in the Options menu. 06/2013 v2.0 ° More editing tools and 6-digit lookup. Changes for Win7/8. 12/2011 v1.2 ° Changed check-in array size. 03/2011 v1.1 ° Added grid square lookup from ADIF file.
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