W3KM - KMRover Revision History
    KM ROVER Revision History    To find text, use <F3>

** Rename you current working version .exe for BU.
** Microsoft does not ship WinHelp with the new OS, so the HELP file may not open
   from the Help menu. See v3.51 below.
** Here is the FAQ page.

° The 1990`s VB Windows Installer was replace by JGS DeployMaster.
° Note -- The install folder and update folder is set to c:\KMRover32, unless
  you change it, which you can do by clicking [Advanced Options Installation],
  but you must remember to change it each time you get an update.

08/2022 v4.16
° Changed ARRL UHF Cabrillo contest name to CONTEST: ARRL-222

12/2018 v4.16
° Added DG (all digital) in the mode selectors. Read your Cabrillo, since
  all non-RTTY digital QSOs in ARRL contests should to be "DG". CQ VHF contest
  still as "RY". The mode is converted in the Cabrillo write function.

06-08/2018 v4.15
° Added setup screen [Help] about address not in [City, ST Zip] format.
° Updated Cabrillo output; LASER QSOs = LIGHT. Added an option to write 4-digit grids,
  for ARRL submissions, except the 222 and Up Distance contest.

12/2017 v4.14
° Modified the GPS Lat Long format for newer PCs to show decimal values.
° Updated help files.

05/2017 v4.13
° Now the position of a minimized logging screen will not be stored on program exit.

10/2016 v4.12
° ADIF output <band:n> added.
° Added the ARRL 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest.
° Changed {RName.dat} personal data file to a newer Windows format.

03/2016 v4.11
° Added August UHF Contest. ARRL UHF is QRT. New sponsors for 2016.
° Added an optional lookup file {VHF-History.txt} that provides the Op`s name, bands
  used and 6-digit. The older ADIF and the HISTORY file options are selectable in the
  File menu. The logger`s look-up files are available on my web page for NE U.S. users
  wishing to use them. The data files.
° Added code to prevent errors when the {vhf4k.adi} look-up file is missing. This
  caused problems for new users installing the v4.0 Windows file.

10/2014 v4.1
° Changed the 80's DOS code to fix the UTC offset and UTC date errors that occur
  when a contest spans 2 months.
° Band switching support for Win7 Win8 using a Canakit USB serial to BCD converter.

01/2013 v4.0   Windows 7/8/10    Windows 7/8/10    Windows 7/8/10
° Major revision to support Win7/8/10 and earlier OS. Requires Windows installation, 
  regardless of OS. Compass object/graphic not supported in VB6. GPS is supported
  as before. Installs to the same default folder as earlier versions.
° Fixed the 3rd party video re-sizing problem that occurred with some monitors.
  The right hand side of the logging screen was cut off.

09/2011 v3.54
° Last update before the new Win8 version.
° On some video monitors, the screen flickered when the UTC time label was updated
  every second. Use the `Option` menu to select hh:mm instead.
° USB CW/PTT interfaces and USB to serial adapters are now supported.
° COM port setup upper-right-X disabled - forces use of the `OK` button.

07/2010 v3.53
° Updated Help files - read v3.51 below.
° Created a Fall Sprints menu item in the contest selector.
° Minor change to Cabrillo output for call-R to call/R conversion.
° Changed Spring Sprints to score using km-distance instead of grid mults X Q-points.

08/2009 v3.52
° Added the {File}{Use ADIF} menu to turn ON/OFF the use of the ADIF file lookup
  using vhf4k.adi (or other in the same format). The sixdigit.dat file is not supported.
° Added {File}{View/Edit ADIF} menu. Manually edit/update the file while logging.
° Fixed the callsign lookup regarding the bands to be worked display.
° Software runs in Vista/Win7, maybe not on a 64-bit OS - read this and this.

01/2008 v3.51
° Microsoft does not ship WinHelp with the new OS, so the WinHelp file may not open from
  the logger`s {Help} menu. Download Microsoft`s WinHlp32 file. x64 is for 64-bit PCs
  and x86 is for 32-bit Pcs. Or - use the selectable {Help} menu option for HTML help.
  The WinHelp file looks nicer and is easier to navigate.
  the Cabrillo file instead of only CATEGORY field. Edit in NotePad to satisfy the `robot`.
° Added Category-station selections `Rover-Limited` and `Rover-Unlimited`.
° To print a grid map, turn ON the printer check-box and use <F5>.

06/2007 v3.5
° Added support for 5 Spring Sprints - uses `Classic Rover` multiplier scoring - not the
  ARRL method. 6-digit grids can be used throughout and are saved to log files.
° Older sequential Ini file {rover32.ini} changed to a Windows control format file
  {KMRoverControl.ini}, which is easier to read (and edit if necessary).
° The mults counter (4-digit grids) now works with 6-digit grids in the log.
° All Cabrillo band designators 1296 and above now changed to 1.2G, 2.3G, 24G,...300G
  for the ARRL contests.
09/2006 v3.4
° COM1 and COM2 are both available for the GPS interface, although I cannot verify COM2.
11/2005 v3.3
° Minor changes to CW keyer and DVK ini files for re-load.
° Re-sized some output windows. Laser QSOs now identified as `300` (GHz) in Cabrillo file.
° Added contest selection of Generic Sprint.
03/2005 v3.2
° Third party re-sizing control supports any video resolution - allows the user to resize
  the screens as desired. Size and position settings are saved. If this version does not
  run, try this KMRover that does not have the AResize third-party control. 
° Auto UTC offset function from PC`s system Time Zone setup.
° Added some code to help printing to Laser and Ink Jet printers.
03/2005 v3.14
° Call lookup now uses the local club datafile [cklist.dat] and local area file [ck2list.dat]
  to display the operator`s name. /R is stripped off the entry before searching datafiles.
° Automatic log file back-up can be written to any drive - even USB flash drives.
° Modified the DVK in the RIGblaster mode for 16-bit sound cards. The 16-bit play time was
  incorrectly calculated, causing an added delay when using the repeat function or PTT.
08/2004 v3.13
° CW/PTT can be interfaced on COM1 with the GPS connected - use a `Y` serial cable. The GPS
  data stream is interrupted during CW.
° The compass now works when `Manual offset` is turned `Off` and the calculated beam heading
  remains displayed in the heading box.
06/2004 v3.12
° Added the <GRID> and <2GRID> keywords to CW <F1> message - to send your current grid square.
° Long-filenames for LOGs are OK now - keep them a reasonable length.
01/2004 v3.11
° Added software swap switch for DTS and RTS COM port connections for CW/PTT.
° Added DVK over-ride mode that allows cancelling a playing wave file and the  repeat function.
  DVK over-ride also provided by mic click and footswitch click when a RIGblaster is used.
° CW is available on LPT1-17. Band change encoder has outputs to LPT1 on all bands.
01/2004 v3.1
° Added transverter IF/LO offset display, like VHF LOG. Also displays favorite beacon frequencies.
  The application LO.exe is used to generate the datafiles.
10/2003 v3.0 - 32-bit version, compiled with Microsoft VB v5. Same as the 16-bit logger w/GPS,
  plus BCD encoded output to LPT1 and now has `GPS tracking`.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer/Notice: Use my software at your own risk. I write software for Amateur Radio as a fun hobby.