Skeduler FAQs and Hints

Sked data re-order:
Skeduler does not scan for the next chronological alarm - the alarm order follows the skeds table sequence !

Enter your skeds into the sked table with no blanks within the series. The first blank entry signals the software that all alarms are finished. The re-order function can be used for skeds added out of order. Always save a back-up of your sked file(s). Remember to re-load the first schedule file before closing the program, especially after doing `Save As` to write a BU file. Read one of the help files about using Skeduler.

Opening the HELP file:
Microsoft no longer ships WinHlp32 with newer OS - so my help file may not open from the {Help} menu in the skeds table screen. Download and install the WinHlp32.exe file from Microsoft`s Win32 page.

Or in MyComputer, open Skeduler.chm or Skeduler_Help.html located in the Skeduler folder. On some OS, the .chm version may not open. This is a Microsoft security issue. Do right-mouse, Properties on the Skeduler.chm file and select `unblock`.