W4CND Beacon

                                        Welcome to my Beacon page.

I operate a 10 meter beacon on 28.207.80. It is a Radio Shack HTX-10 10 meter radio running about 5 watts into a dipole horizontal, keyed in USB mode with a 800 hz tone. The Keyer is an ID-O-Matic II from Hamgadgets. http://www.hamgadgets.com/ It is cheap,and easy to build and program. It is from Dale Botkin N0XAS , check out his website if you are looking for a real good keyer for a beacon or repeater.

Thanks to Bill Hayes W5JO  for all his help. If you are planning on building a beacon check Bill's site at http://userpages.troycable.net/~wj5o/ for lots of good information on getting started.

Now for some pictures of my setup.

Keyer as it arrived.

Finished assembly with speaker attached for testing.



Keyer inside it's new home.


Thanks for stopping by. If you hear my beacon please let me know at [email protected] or via eqsl.cc or http://qrz.com/db/W4CND

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Shane W4CND


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(Oct 6, 2012) Jacques, F6HYH said: I received your beacon in west France (IN98OB) today the 6 th of october 2012 at 14:25 whith a RST 539 - my rig is Ft840 and ant is GP - TKS es best 73 - F6HYH/P (Sept 15, 2012) Steve, NU7T said: Heard it on 15 Sep 2012 2032z until ... .Thank you. (Oct 6, 2011) DL2WB said: Dear Shane, I received your beacon here in southern Germany (Bavaria), locator JN57DR lately: W4CND, October 5th 2011, 2016 UTC, 28.207 MHz, CW, RST 519 Rig was an Alinco TRX DX-77 and a mobile whip antenna on the balcony, in the 6th floor of a high-story building. The antenna is only 1 and a half meter long. For a photo of my setup, see www.qrz.com/db/dl2wb . Greeting from Germany, Tom, DL2WB

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