Below is the training preamble. The PDF version can be found here.

DeSoto County Emergency Training & Information Net

Good evening, this is (CALL), and my name is (NAME), calling the DeSoto County Emergency Training and Information Net. This is a Directed Net* that meets every Monday night at 8:30 P.M. on the CARA's 146.91 repeater in Hernando. If the 146.91 repeater is down, then 145.37 in Hernando will be used. All amateur operators are encouraged to participate in this net.


To initially check into the net, give your suffix only. You will then be acknowledged by net control and asked to give your full call, name, location, and whether or not you have any trafic. This is (CALL), net control for the DeSoto County Emergency Training and Information Net. Are there any stations with emergency or priority traffic?


Hearing none, I will now begin taking check-ins with suffixes beginning:

ALPHA through HOTEL (Take Check-ins)
ALPHA through PAPA (Take Check-ins)
ALPHA through ZULU (Take Check-ins)

This is (CALL) with the DeSoto County Emergency Training and Information Net. Are there any stations with announcements or questions before we continue with the net?

***Un-key for response***
(Take announcements)

The primary purpose of this net is to practice net operations similar to those used in actual emergencies. This net will also be used for routine training and traffic handling, as well as sharing information for the amateur community. In the event of any community emergency, this net will act as the DeSoto County Emergency Net providing coordinated emergency communications to Emergency Management in response to the event.

All area amateurs are requested to check in and monitor the net during these times as this communication is a vital contribution to public safety.

*** Un-key***

This is (CALL). Do we have any other late check-ins or announcements before we close the net?

***Un-key for response***(Take check-ins and announcements)

Hearing no more check-ins, I will now close the net at (Time) and return the repeater to normal use. This repeater is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Amateur Radio Association.

Good evening and 73. This is (CALL).

*Directed Net
A radio net in which no station other than net control station may communicate with any other station with first obtaining permission from the net control station.

Other Alternate Repeaters

  1. 145.37 in Hernando
  2. 146.91 simplex
(Revised 07/2014)


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