The Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club is actively involved in providing communications for area races and marathons. Please check our Newsletter and Special Announcements page often for upcoming events.

Our Function is:


(1)    Safety of the runners.  We are there to provide communication in the event of a medical or other emergency.  Although we use a Net Control Station (NCS), we generally run a somewhat informal net.  In the event of an emergency, however, the net will immediately become a formal, controlled net.  Victim names are never given out over the air -- refer to any person with a medical problem in general terms such as "male runner with apparent broken leg."


(2)    Count the runners.  In so far as possible, we try to keep track of the runner count past each location -- going out and returning.  (This helps us verify that no runner has fallen by the wayside.)    We also relay to the officials the numerals of the runners in first, second, and third place -- especially for the 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, and Triathlon.


(3)    Have fun.