The Yucca 2 Meter Net is sponsored by the Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club and supported by amateur radio operators within the range of the repeater. The net meets each evening to serve any emergency or public service need, as well as to promote goodwill and friendship among hams.

The net begins each evening at 1900 hrs, (7:00 PM Mountain Time), on the 147.18 repeater located on the Caprock and requires a 100 Hz CTCSS tone.

Net Control Operators for each night are as follows:

Sunday – John Montgomery, W5NOT

Monday – Don Leavell, N5UBK

Tuesday – Rich Brown, W5IAY

Wednesday – Roy Fraser, WS5A

Thursday – David Cacy, KC5OEH

Friday – Al Wilbur, KA1CXE

Saturday – Phyllis Sherwood, KE5TYI

Last updated: 08/25/2012

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