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See Example 37 for IWR

Generate customized practice content. Morse Code Practice Text (MCPT) is compatible with any software tutor/trainer that can read text from a file. MCPT supports the character learning order from LCWO, Precision CW Tutor, G4FON, and many more. Give the resulting text file to your tutor to hear code the way you want it! Code groups, words, ProSigns, simulated call signs, etc. You choose the characters to use (by your trainer's lesson number or directly specified), amount of practice material, and format. MCPT is very flexible because simple command line options determine the functionality (options can be placed in an options file for simpilcity). MCPT can give variety and for your trouble areas, or desired practice, wether your are just learning, working on speed building, or head copy.

MCPT offers alternatives and enhancements to the learning features your tutor provides. Variety and targeted training reduces boredom and frustration, letting you get the most benefit.

A User Guide with examples is included with the downloads, and also available here.

Users of, can enjoy the challenges of on-the-fly speed changes, with specialized features: alternating slow and fast word groups, multiple repeat of the same word at increasing speeds, steady ramp up of practice speed during a training session, mixed plain text and code groups at different speeds, and more.

The following link demonstrates some of the more advanced features specific to LCWO users. Dozens of other features, which are not demonstrated below, can be are shown in examples in the User Guide, as well as a simple demo file that you can step through.

You can download, install, view/run demos of most features in less than 10 minutes.

To get started: select the link for your computer's operating system.

Windows File (64 bit)
Linux File (64 bit)

LCWO Specific Feature Demos

What Has Changed In Morse Code Practice Text?

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