Chat Room Registration and Information

The WA4HWN Chat Shack can provide you with an easy way to maintain a schedule with one, or more stations. You can eliminate the necessity of going to a previously agreed upon frequency and calling your contact. Is he, or she, there? Is propogation suitable for your QSO?

You, and your ham friends are invited to utilize the service for maintaining your schedules. It is not intended to be used for ongoing chatting, but rather to find a mutually agreeable frequency on which to conduct your QSO. It works great.

You can click on the link below and go to the log-in page. At the top of the log-in menu, click on 'register' and complete the required information. It is strongly suggested that on the name line you include both your call and your name. This will be your user name and will show up on the logged in screen. You need to provide a password and then confirm the password. Be sure to record this where you can retrieve it should you forget it. You must enter a valid e-mail address as your request must be approved before you actually get access to the room. Several folks abused the service that weren't hams and therefore, I had to turn off the 'guest login' and also must approve the request. You will be automatically informed, via the email address you furnish when you have been approved.

You may also wish to email me and let me know that you have requested access to the chat room. Just click on my address on home page on this site.

After you have been given access, you can adjust font colors, set your fonts to normal or bold and choose sounds for 'logins' and 'messages'

I keep the link to the login page in my 'favorites' and have Windows, or Linux, remember the password, thus making it simple to login.

If you have any questions, or issues, email me and I'll get back to you!



You can easily alter the settings of the chat - click on SETTINGS at the top of the chat window. Select your preferred language, timezone, time format, sound alerts etc.

Logging In

When you need to set a new password, retype it carefully and also make sure that you enter a correct old password. Your user name as well as your password is CASE SENSITIVE. Example: User name 'WA4EXM - Stevey'. or you can do it this way.....'WA4EXM-Stevey' (no spaces before or after the dash -. It's your choice. Just remember the user name and password has to match the one used to set up the account.


Link to the Chat Room

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