Translation: this is the amateur radio equivalent of surfing in cyberspace! A major difference is that most modes of ham radio communication involve real live contact with real live people. The contact may be across town, to hundreds of kilometers to a distant part of the globe. I look forward to combining ham radio and internet pursuits by visiting web sites of those I meet on the airwaves.

It is interesting to also discover something about the places where hams live. While I live on the edge of the Baltimore metropolitan area - we still enjoy farms and a few wild places nearby. We have colorful birds (that we help feed) and several wild land species around. We enjoy being in more natural places particularly the mountains, and recently we started bicyling. The picture above in the Potomac River next to the C&O canal towpath near Harpers Ferry, about 50 km from our home. Our favorite places for bicycling use remnants of railroad trails and canal paths. Please note added links on these topics (coming soon).


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