Y.A.C.H.T club nets and where to find them

  • Saturday evening youth net
    You can find our group active on Echolink for are Saturday youth net we have 30-40 check-ins usually and have a generally great time with small rag-chews sprouting up after-net most evenings. this net  tanks place at 19:00 CST on Echolink node #954283.
  • Echolink daily chat sessions                                                                            we also have daily chat sessions (or fellowship sessions) that look disturbingly like the net itself and happen at the same time on the same Echolink node as the Saturday net.
  • YACHT HF net
    This net is still some what experimental and never has a set time or frequency, to find out when and where it will be held next please contact Ed (KG8CX) at: [email protected]
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We also recommend and support these youth nets

    DYG/YACHT is a Sunday evening youth net run by its youth NC and founder Collin K0NNK, it has a round table and ample time after net for rag-chewing as well! you can find Collins net on the the YACHT Echolink node (#954283) on Sunday 20:00 EDT.
  • Digital Youth Net                                                                                          This net is also run by K0NNK I can't say anything about it as I personally have never participated but I know Collin and can honestly say that I am certain it is an amazing net! to find out more about Collin's net visit https://www.qsl.net/dyng/index.html

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